What to expect from the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Finally, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 has arrived; this has come as the latest version between Note 10.1 and Note II which is a convergence of a tablet and a smartphone. The Note 8.0 is also capable of dual functions as a tablet / phone. It is Stylus-enabled for better communication and good user experience. Let’s find out what is […]

5 Dog-Friendly Attractions in Lake Havasu City

For dog owners, going on a vacation is often a difficult decision, as many places don’t have enough to keep their pets entertained. However, if you head to Lake Havasu City, it would be very easy to find lodging or dog attractions for your furry friend. In addition to hosting several dog-friendly hotels and vacation home rentals, the city boasts […]

The lost art of kissing

The topic of kisses, or indeed the lack of them, has recently come up in conversations at parties. People lamented not just the lack of kissing, but the rise in bad kissers in recent years. This sent me on a trip to get feedback from other people on whether they had noticed anything, and the responses were interesting. Marah Fellicce […]

Top 3 Tax Problems for Truckers

Every tax season, thousands of truck drivers leave hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax deductions on the table. This is largely due to inadequate planning and poor accounting. Additionally, many tax professionals do a poor job of properly informing truckers of the different tax exemptions available to them. Truck drivers have access to many different tax deductions and credits; […]

How to select quality furniture

It seems that different people are reacting in different ways to the state of the current economy. Those who may have considered moving a few years ago have now decided to stay in their current homes and are pouring money into making those much-talked-about improvements like remodeling a kitchen or redecorating the family room. Others are taking advantage of the […]

Get started with Google AdWords

Google AdWords advertising allows you to show your ads to people who are most likely to be interested in your products or services, while filtering out those who are not. You can track how many people your ad was shown, how many of those people clicked on your ad, and more by integrating your account with Google Analytics. By measuring […]

3 ways childhood obesity can affect learning

A study from the Medical University of South Carolina found a link between adolescent obesity and decreased learning. And because teens are still in the development stage, losing weight can at least stop the trend and even possibly reverse it to some degree. A decline in learning, as evidenced by IQ test scores, is due to a condition known as […]