Racing scan tips and advice

I have been scanning racetracks for almost 25 years. Long before programmable handheld scanners, my first scan setup consisted of a big old Bearcat 250 mobile scanner taped to a huge 12 volt flashlight battery. The whole setup must have weighed 10 pounds and I had to carry it in a big camera bag! I guarantee you I was the […]

Hand-painted baseballs are a huge hit with collectors

Hand-painted baseballs of famous baseball players are fast becoming a favorite among collectors of baseball memorabilia. Part of the reason is that they are still rare. Not many of us create painted baseballs. You can find baseball memorabilia strewn all over the internet, but quality, artistic baseballs are few and far between. Another reason is that each one created is […]

AFC North off-season changes

Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals were solid enough on offense and defense not to have too many areas of focus other than injuries and quarterback Andy Dalton’s performance in the playoffs. They chose to look to their future and keep their running game intact and Dalton upright by selecting a pair of offensive linemen with their first 2 picks. Texas A&M […]

Why employees are the best source of ideas to reduce costs

Cost reduction has become a necessary and important reality in the modern business world. However, many executives do not realize that their people are actually the best source of ideas for cost reduction. There are many reasons for this. For starters, a highly motivated workforce that understands the bottom line and its importance to the future of a business and, […]

Butcher Block Countertops

There are two alternative finishes that can be applied to butcher block countertops. Mineral oil finish is what is used to cut surfaces. The oil conditions the wood so it won’t dry out, warp, or crack. Each time you wash the countertop, you will remove a little oil. Therefore, you must reapply this non-toxic material approximately every 6 weeks. Mineral […]

Benefits of the Schwinn Trailblazer Bicycle Trainer (SC770)

If you love to ride your bike but you like to go places with new landscapes, environments and terrain with children, then you should consider a different type of bike. While many different makes and models of bike trailers are sold today, the Schwinn Trailblazer Bike Trailer (SC770) deserves serious consideration. This model is made for ease of use, comfort […]

Video game writing

Video game writing simply means the ability to create a story for a video game. It is similar to writing novels and screenplays, but it does not have a formal format. The usual video game writing method is first carried out as a novel and / or script and then transferred to a storyboard for better clarification and approval. Concept […]

Breaking the sinus pressure-hay fever connection in winter

For all its gradual color splendor, soft warmth, and beauty, the warm seasons can be a miserable time for many. For those suffering from hay fever and sinus pressure, the glory of the warm seasons can be significantly offset by runny, watery or itchy eyes, shortness of breath, sneezing, associated with hay fever and its possible sequelae, sinus pressure and […]