How to Use TBN on Firestick

You can easily use It is a free streaming service that is audiences and offers an extensive library of religious content. Unlike other online TV channels, it focuses on live TV events and movies from the Christian community. It has been around since 1973 and is accessible through most devices. For those who want to view more live […]

Can you trust your doctor? A medical heretic exposes the medical mystique

Most people think highly of their doctors. They want their doctors to be objective, scientific, unbiased, and yet loving, compassionate, and sensitive. In short, they want doctors who are more holy healers than human beings. It makes sense that people want this from their doctors. When you’re lying on the exam table with the doctor exploring your anus, vagina, penis, […]

Quick tips on how to tame your puppy

Did you know that the number one reason dogs end up at your dog shelter is that proper housebreaking isn’t enough? House training is very important and will be established as soon as one becomes a puppy. House training includes potty training. Potty training your puppy can be a challenging job for a first-time pet owner or even an owner […]

Understanding What is APR on Credit Cards

What is APR on Credit Cards APRs are used to compare the interest rates of various credit cards. The formula used to calculate APRs is called the annual percentage rate (APR), and it is based on the total amount of money that is owed divided by the total available credit. The average daily balance is calculated by adding up the […]