How to stop letting things eat you alive

“Do not fear tomorrow, because God is already there” -Author Unknown Here’s a quote I love: “All the water in the world can’t drain you unless it gets inside you.” -Eleanor Roosevelt. I know that we all have things that, if we allow them, can get under your skin and disturb your peace of mind. And, often they do. These […]

NFL picks and tips for sports investors during the NFL preseason

This seems to be the norm for most experienced sports bettors. A sizable number of sports bettors who initially focus on the NFL regular season ultimately find it more engaging and rewarding when searching for NFL picks during the preseason. To many savvy sports investors, this appears to be a sound betting philosophy, although logic dictates that the real deal […]

Sexual abuse: covert (subtle) forms

“Traditionally, incest was defined as “sexual relations between two people too closely related to be legally married: sexual relations between siblings, first cousins, the seduction of parents of their daughters” are experiencing. To fully understand all sexual abuse, we must look beyond the blood bond and include the emotional bond between the victim and their perpetrator. Thus, a new definition […]

Free verse

After studying and writing poetry since I was in the third grade, more than fifty years ago, I have come to the conclusion that the more I learn, the more there is to learn. Every time I turn around, I discover another form or type of poetry. Some of the ways I have tried; others I decided not to use […]

If you own a Quickdrop Ebay Drop Store Franchise, what will you do now?

QuikDrop says goodbye… In an article written by Ina Steiner of this morning, it is reported that QuikDrop, one of the largest eBay store franchises in the United States, will close franchise sales and support operations by the end of this month. Existing franchisees (store owners) are free to continue store operations, but will do so without corporate franchise […]

How to create a modern look in your kitchen

Decorating a new home to your own taste is one of the best things in any undertaking, although of course there are always budgets to respect and compromises to make, especially if you live as a couple! Modern interiors are often the ideal way to create a space that everyone can enjoy and put their personal stamp on. Contemporary spaces […]

The three universal fears and how they affect our lives

In his book, The Divine Matrix author Gregg Braden writes: “The root of our ‘negative’ experiences can be boiled down to one of three universal fears (or a combination of them): abandonment, low self-esteem, or lack of confidence.” At first glance, many may want to argue against the teachings of Greg Braden. “But it’s not my fault that all these […]

Grilled Cornish fowl that will melt in your mouth

Another whole chicken recipe that I like to make may not be a chicken at all. Well, I’m sure it is, but they’re certainly priced differently. A Cornish game fowl is a wonderful meal for a single serving. And if it’s prepared right, it can be much more flavorful than your average chicken. There is something about the young age […]

Iowa Football Helmet – A History

The modern era of University of Iowa football helmets began with a yellow helmet, gray facemask, black vertical stripe, and black numbers on the side. This design was used until 1964 and was brought back once in 2010 in a game against Ball State to commemorate the 1959 Rose Bowl champion Hawkeye team. The first major change occurred in 1965 […]