Here are 3 free warlock spells you can cast right now, or with very little preparation. We need to talk about a few things first before we get to free warlock spells. A warlock, although it has been given a negative meaning, is nothing more than a warlock. Second, before we get to free warlock spells, we need to talk about what makes a spell powerful.

A spell, by itself, is not powerful. It’s nothing more than the things you do and say. The real power in anything is the person who does it. Just as the words I love you are more powerful when you really mean them than when you just say them. You must take the time to practice. Learn, grow and develop as a witch living the life of a witch and developing respect for the natural elements and universal energies.

First Free Warlock Spells – Flying Spell:

This spell is a good step to learn levitation and then move on to the ability to fly. It starts on the ledge of something. Make sure the ledge is only 2 or 3 feet high, as you don’t want to injure yourself while practicing this spell.

As you stand on the ledge, clear your mind of everything. This spell requires extreme concentration. If you are thinking about hurting yourself or are afraid of failing or if you think about something other than what you are about to do, you will fail. Focus, focus, focus on the task at hand. Once you’re cleared and ready, just jump off the ledge.

As you jump off the ledge, try to put your whole being and mind into it and not touch the ground and move forward. Imagine floating. He wants to float and fly. You must concentrate, concentrate, concentrate. I can’t say enough how one little seed of a thought other than floating will ruin the whole thing. This spell of all the free wicca spells included here requires extreme concentration.

Warlock Second Free Spells – Command Others

To have control over others, go to a secluded place where you won’t be disturbed. Burn an incense blend of herbs that represent the energies of control and power. As you do, recite the following incantation:

“By the power of heaven and earth

let others hear my words

By my will, others will listen and

hear my command through my will,

It will be done right now.”

Third Free Warlock Spell – Speed ​​Up Time

This will allow you to speed up time and make time pass faster. You will need a pen that has been wounded to perform this spell. You’ll also want to burn a rose petal incense mix. Once you have a blessed pen, draw a pentacle in the palm of your left hand and say the following:

“Sands of time, show me your way.

Turn nights into days.

Rose petals so light and graceful,

Speed ​​up time now in this place.”

Remember that it’s not the free wizard spells that make the magic work, it’s the person who casts the spell. Take the time to study and learn and develop a respect for the elements if you truly want to be a powerful warlock. It doesn’t just happen, and you can’t just wish it so.

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