If you build most of your cabinets, furniture, and flooring yourself, then you are probably familiar with most of the popular materials that are used. Traditional materials are often the easiest to come by and therefore the most widely used, but overuse of these materials can make your home look plain and boring. There are many alternative materials that will enhance the interior of your home.

Furniture construction is mainly done with wood collected from a local lumber shop. The wood found here often has a generic look. You can still use wood to build your furniture without it looking plain. The solution is exotic hardwoods. As the name implies, these woods have a rarer and more exotic appearance than traditional wood. If you are looking, exotic hardwood is not hard to find. It may be priced a bit higher than other woods, but the elegance it will bring to your home may be worth it.

An alternative for flooring and countertops is stained concrete. Concrete and elegance may seem like an odd couple, but this is no ordinary concrete. Concrete goes through a process called acid staining. The acid eats away at the concrete, creating unique patterns and colors. The concrete is then coated with a sealer, leaving a glossy finish. Topping off a homemade desk with painted concrete is like topping off ice cream with a cherry. A beautiful and unique cherry.

Cork is another alternative material, but very versatile. Many people imagine cork boards when they hear about cork, but cork used in homes is much denser and looks beautiful. This cork is especially resistant to sharp objects, and is perfect for a workbench or counter top.

Variety is the spice of life, so spice up your home with various materials instead of using the same materials endlessly. Your house will look most elegant.

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