There is quite a bit of information floating around the internet about Ardyss International. Most of it is about the famous shapewear garment, the “Body Magic”. But what is Ardyss International really?

Ardyss International is a health and wellness company that manufactures shaping garments, skin care, and nutritional products to help a person restore their health inside and out.

the clothes

The garments were designed by an orthopedic surgeon and engineer to provide the best possible results. These garments are medical grade and use a material called power net. Plastic surgeons use the garments to help redefine a person’s shape after surgery by compressing loose skin during the healing process.

Each of the garments has a specific purpose. Whether it’s for back support, lower back support, waist trimming or bust enhancement, you’ll start seeing the benefits right away.

Nutritional Products

Ardyss International has long been known for the Body Magic 2 Step system. The system is one of the garments plus nutritional products. The flagship product is Le’Vive juice, which contains the 5 most important antioxidant fruits: acai, mangosteen, noni, goji, and pomegranate. There are now three Le’Vive formulas. The Le’Vive Plus contains blueberries and the Le’Vive Green has artichoke, milk thistle, licorice, ginger and alfalfa, among other ingredients.

The other nutritional supplements include liquid multivitamins that are easily absorbed into the body at the cellular level. Ardyss also has a detox system, fiber supplements, omega 3-6-9 supplement, meal replacement shake, and digestion support, just to name a few. All Ardyss International products work together to deliver maximum results in weight loss or wealth maintenance.

The skin care system

Most people are not aware of the Ardyss skin care system. It is made by the same company that makes another line of name brand cosmetics. System includes non-detergent exfoliating face wash, toner, moisturizer, and mask. The main ingredients include jasmine, aloe vera, green tea, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

The Compensation Plan

Ardyss International has a very generous compensation plan. They offer their Distributors a total of 10 ways to get paid. Some of the bonuses include retail commissions, generational bonuses, and Power Start matching bonuses. This compensation plan has provided the opportunity for many new distributors to earn five figures within their first six months and advance in rank.

Ardyss International recently added a Mercedes-Benz car program, health insurance, an updated replicated website, and an executive training program for new dealers.


Ardyss International has been in existence for over twenty years. They are opening new markets all over the world. This company is expanding by leaps and bounds and is also updating its training programs. The launch of the new executive training with Ardyss University will have the Ardyss International team ready to take your business to the next level.

Ardyss International has been featured in Success from Home magazine and has its own magazine called Vive. Their marketing magazine, Ardyss Journal, tells the story of Ardyss and its products. The Remodel, Revive, Restore DVD features testimonials from some of the Platinum Presidents within the company.

The opportunity

Ardyss International has three ways to start your business. You could become a preferred customer simply by paying the membership fee and purchasing your products at a discount. You can also join their Autoship program where your products will be delivered to you on a monthly basis and you can also build a business under this option. The Power Pack is what allows you to participate in all ten forms of compensation, including the Power Start program.

Regardless of which option you choose, you will be able to upgrade your membership. If you wish to upgrade to Power Pack, it is recommended that you do so within the first 90 days of starting your business.

Giving back

The Ardyss Cares program provides meals to malnourished children in areas that have a high rate of famine. Each distributor is eligible to purchase a package to help a child in need.

If you are looking for a network marketing company that has the products, compensation, and marketing available to help you succeed, then I have no doubt that Ardyss International could be the company for you.

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