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Here’s an amazing, but true, news story circulating on cigarette websites. Ever wonder what causes sinuses? An American Airlines flight attendant believes it is secondhand tobacco smoke.

Cheap cigarettes and the common cold

Cheap second hand cigarette smoke! God, be real! We thought sitting in the non-smoking section was safe. How about secondhand cigarette smoke that causes the common cold? So cold sufferers around the world can laugh up to the bank with the money earned by suing various tobacco companies.

A divided appeals court supports a new trial for a former American Airlines flight attendant who lost her claim against the cheap cigarette and tobacco industry that secondhand cigarette smoke caused her sinus disease.

I guess they need an excuse to blame the tobacco industry. Anything will do, be it secondhand smoke in offices, airplanes, theaters, even bathrooms! I suppose anything is reason enough to sue the tobacco industry for damages.

The cigarette box will be retried

A three-judge panel of the Third District Court of Appeals ruled 2-1 in favor of a new trial Wednesday for Suzette Janoff, ordered by Circuit Judge Leslie Rothenberg after the trial.

Most agreed with Rothenberg that expert testimony for cigarette manufacturers was unfairly “reinforced” by a defense attorney after questions from the woman’s attorney drove a hole in their conclusions.

After testifying that allergies caused the woman’s condition, the expert admitted that a medical group’s website said secondhand cigarette smoke could aggravate sinus conditions.

Cigarettes and sinus disease

Aggravated Sinus Condition? What else could aggravate sinus conditions? Even ambient air and vehicular pollution can aggravate sinus conditions, not just cigarette smoke.

The cigarette makers argued that Janoff’s attorney, Steven Hunter, opened the door for testimony.

Come on folks, how about we infuse some reality into all the hype that cigarettes are the cause of common colds, sinus, and other common ailments?

Cheap cigarettes can help treat sepsis

Cigarette smokers can now cheer up. Here is some encouraging news to warm the hearts of cigarette fans!

The active ingredient in tobacco may actually have a beneficial effect on the body in treating a common and life-threatening type of infection process known as sepsis, new research shows.

Sepsis is the third leading cause of death in developed countries, accounting for nearly nine percent of deaths in the US each year. The condition begins as an infection that activates the entire immune system to an exaggerated degree.

The immune system then triggers a chain of events that can lead to uncontrolled inflammation in the body, shock, and eventually death.

Until recently, the only way doctors could treat sepsis was with powerful antibiotics and other supportive care. In 2001, the drug Xigris became the first available therapy for sepsis and has been shown to reduce the risk of death from the condition.

But now there is encouraging news that tobacco, the raw ingredient in cheap cigarettes, is good for sepsis treatment options.

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