Many Assassins Creed 2 players complained about the game freezing for no reason. Here are tips to solve this problem:

1. Disable online saving
2. Repair Corrupt Registry Entries
3. Delete temporary files
4. Set a higher priority for the game
5. Defrag the Registry

Disable online saving

Sometimes Assassins Creed 2 freezes when saving your data online. You will need to disable this functionality in case you have low speed internet.

1. Open My Computer.
2. Browse this directory:
C:Program FilesUbisoftUbisoft Game Launcher
3. Open the Configuration.ini file.
4. Replace SaveOnline=True with the value SaveOnline=False.
5.Click File | Save to save the changes you have made.
6. Restart the game.

Repair damaged registry entries

In many cases, corrupt registry entries are causing the Assassins Creed 2 freezing problem. You should download a Registry Cleaner program and fix the problems found in your registry.

Delete temporary files

Before playing the game, delete all the temporary files present in various places. This can easily fix the problem.

To do so, download a PC Optimizer software that contains a System Cleaner tool. It will not only remove temporary files but also other unnecessary files like browser cache, temporary internet files, etc.

Otherwise, perform the following procedure:

1.Click Start | To run.
2. Type %temp% and press ENTER.
3.Press Ctrl+A.
4. Press the Delete key and confirm the deletion process.
5. Delete these files from the Recycle Bin as well.

Set higher priority for the game

Setting a higher priority for the game can fix the game freezing by concentrating only on the game. Do the following steps:

1. Open the game and temporarily minimize it.
2. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
3. Select Start Task Manager.
4. Click the Processes tab.
5. Right click on the game process and select Set Priority | Higher.

Defrag the Registry

Fragmentation of the registry results in freezing due to reduced speed of retrieving information from the registry. You have to defrag it and restructure it.

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