Most women who need larger breasts have a hard time finding the right way to do the process. While there are many ways to improve breast size, most young women basically focus on diet to help their breasts grow. That is why some ask, “Can drinking milk make your breasts grow?” The answer to this has not yet been fully established, but with some reasons we can go on to show whether this is true or not.

First of all, milk is well known for a number of components it contains, such as phytoestrogens, progesterone, fat, and much more. The above two are the ones that basically result in larger breasts in women. The component, phytoestrogens, acts the same as estrogens in the body. Estrogens are a hormone found in women that causes many changes in a person’s body during adolescence. One change is an increase in the size of the breasts. Many women suffer from small breasts because their bodies do not produce an efficient amount of estrogen. As a result, their bodies don’t have enough hormones to enhance fuller breasts.

In addition to estrogens, milk is said to contain other hormones generally found in the human body to stimulate breast growth. Hormones like prolactin and progesterone are found naturally in milk. Breast tissues react radically to these hormones by increasing in size. Estrogens directly affect the fatty tissues of the breasts to increase their size.

Many may confuse the increase in size with the multiplication of cells. Estrogens stimulate the growth of the milk ducts, while progesterone leads to the formation of mammary glands. To fit these parts of the chest, you need to increase the size to accommodate all of them.

Milk has fat as a component. The breasts also have fat deposits. So, drinking milk frequently will result in more fat being directed to the breast. Fat is generally used to keep breast milk warm for the baby and that is why as puberty is entered and the breast begins to grow, fat is also deposited. All of the above reasons are true, as milk actually contains all of those contents, but again, some people have been drinking breast milk for most of their lives, but to no avail.

It is important to note that milk is not yet established as a real food for breast growth. Why it works for some and not others remains a mystery that scientists are trying to unravel. Can drinking milk make breasts grow? The answer is not yet known as not everyone has reported breast growth as a result of drinking milk, but that shouldn’t be the reason you can’t try it as it will work for you. It is best to try it as it is a safe way to increase breast size, as opposed to using chemicals when you are unsure of the results it will give. Milk is just food and has no side effects!

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