3 easy ways to make money online for free

If you’re reading this right now, I have a few guesses for you: you need to make money online, you need to do it fast, and you don’t have a lot of time. Or maybe you’re already making money online and just want to increase your online income. Whatever your reason, I got you. Because today I am going to […]

Japanese Psychology and Emotions

Emotions are impulses to act. They force you to stop, assess any potential threat, and then act, all in a split second. Some of the strongest emotions, like fear and anger, are very threatening and can trigger the fight or flight response on their own. People often confuse negative emotions with stress. They are two different things. Negative emotions are […]

Cain, the Antediluvian Giants, and the Adamite God: The Rise of the Cainites

The words “giant” and “giants” appear twenty-one times in the Bible and are used in three specific connotations. The first is rare and appears in Job 13:14: gibbor, or “a mighty warrior, a champion; chief, mighty man, strong man, giant”. The meaning is also extended to include “tyrant”. Its adjectival form is hubbub“brave”. The next word is the most used. […]

Fortaleza Bar and Club Nightlife Hot Spots

More and more people are discovering how amazing the nightlife of Fortaleza Brazil can be. Although the destination has recently become a popular tourist destination, the city is fast becoming a haven for visitors from all over the world. Although the beaches are what attract people to Fortaleza, it is the nightlife that captivates them and makes them return year […]

Modeling Tips – Safety Precautions

We can move like a cat, but we don’t have 9 lives. In an industry with an overwhelming revolving door of talent and newcomers, it can be difficult to weed out psychopaths and perverts from the professionals. Better safe than sorry when it comes to auditions, jobs, and photographers. No matter how beautiful you are, the last place you want […]

Frieza Spells

For the most part, I think spells can be a valuable way to “act out” your anger, resentment, bitterness, or jealousy. The very act of casting a spell can make a person feel powerless or victimized, at least briefly, because at that point he is in control of the situation again. I have found the following “freezer” spells to be […]

Earn money with YouTube videos but not with YouTube

YouTube videos to earn money without YouTube. Did you know that you can make money online from YouTube videos and affiliate marketing, but not from YouTube itself? There are 2 secret sites that I have discovered; one will pay you for clicks on videos (no video optimization). While with the other I had more views in a single week with […]