What does your bag say about you?

I love seeing people in cities. That eclectic mix of urban dwellers who are energetic, adventurous, and headstrong in their sense of style and expression. I also love looking at what bag is given to the arm of the bright young things in town. So here’s my short psycho babble on the purse wearer’s interpretations. The leopard print faux leather […]

Are you ready to kick your ass?

The business is brutal. Especially for newbies who have no experience running their own operations. Face the facts that are going to kick your butt. Your marketing campaigns will be ruined. Money will be lost (learning experiences). Customers will abandon ship. Some products will not be sold. Oh, and at the beginning of learning a new skill set, it will […]

Streetwear: an overview

Streetwear – think Pharrell Williams or Kanye West – two streetwear style icons and two people who consistently stand out on any “best dressed” list. Contrary to some stereotypes associated with hip-hop fashion, streetwear these days is a clean and adapted style, only with a different and relaxed vibe than mainstream fashion. Although a casual graphic tee is a streetwear […]

Revolution Radio – Green Day is back, but is it a revolution or another musical failure?

Green Day’s’ Revolution Radio ‘was released on October 7, the next album from the flop being the release of the tri-album’ Uno! Behind! Very!’ 2012, but this album succeeded in what its predecessor did not; Put Green Day back in the spotlight? The opening track ‘Somewhere Now’ sounds like it belongs on ‘American Idiot’ rather than its follow-up 5 albums […]

Big Sur Wild Forage Foods at Mill Creek

Here at Mill Creek there are a host of plants that can be harvested at various times of the year for food and medicine. The first to appear are the fern ferns, which grow to a large size. In the violin head stage of early spring, when they are forming little curls, they have tight heads that can be harvested […]

Flowers, cakes and combinations available online

Is someone special’s birthday coming up? Or do you want to greet your boss with the bouquet on your anniversary? Or do you want to celebrate the birthday or the promotion of your colleagues or friends? The list of occasions is endless, but you only have 24 hours to fit into your daily schedule and make time to celebrate the […]

Tea "Average joe" The gym is now a reality

The “Average Joe” gym is now a reality. In one of the most memorable scenes in the Hollywood movie farce “Dodgeball,” Lance Armstrong casually comforts Vince Vaughn by assuring him, “I’m sure you must have a good reason to quit.” History hails the “Average Joe” gym as a place where everyone can feel comfortable and really fit in without fear […]

The baffled exorcist

A priest / exorcist named Albert Gonzalez had been giving Mass at the little St. Paul Catholic Church in Stilo, West Virginia, when he suddenly collapsed. The horrified parishioners rose from their knees and ran toward him. As they congregated around his body and crossed themselves, a physician was present among his fellow church members. “Call 911!” he said aloud. […]