Self Defense Tips For Women: The Top 20

Women are the target of 90% or more of all assaults from domestic violence to date, from rape to street crime, just one fact. Guys, you should also consider these tips. They will work for you and you can pass them on to the women in your life. 1. Establish a self defense program. 2. Adopt an attitude of self-defense. […]

Lay haiku

Muse, I have looked for you Fully absorbed, the largest Blooming, speechless *** Breath taking out Bleeding Heart Essences Enlightened feelings *** Joyful New Years thoughts Life’s journey is about to begin Libra, Harmony *** Early morning breeze Sweet hearts delight, lovers embrace Aroma of coffees, they kiss *** Just let yourself go Live easily, without worries Would you know […]

The best weight loss program

WHAT IS NOT THE BEST WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM. The best weight loss program is probably NOT about diets, diet pills, fad diets, or even diets! While it does involve physical activity … we’re all adults here, I’ll use the word … exercise … it’s NOT about pushing your physical limits, embarrassing yourself in front of the neighbors, joining an expensive […]

How to control earwigs naturally

They feed at night and look for dark, cool, and humid places to hang out during the day. Some common hiding places are under organic matter such as mulch, pine straw, litter and other debris, loose wood chip mulch, decaying matter, rotten fruit on the ground, wood, boards or tree branches that are on the ground , under dense growth […]

Laugh through motherhood

One afternoon my 3 year old son was very excited to receive his “boy stickers”. Tractors, helicopters, fire trucks, cars and everything else he enjoyed playing with in sticker form. When I placed the new sticker sheets in his hands, I assumed he would know what to do with them, as he had seen his older sisters carefully place theirs […]

Can sprites really be evicted by exorcism?

We all hear the expression exorcism in our daily lives by different people. We don’t realize the term, but have we ever tried to get the literal meaning of what exorcism means? There are figures of heated discussions about the true meaning of this term among researchers and senior priests. Scholars perplex us by saying that it can be a […]

Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks for 2018

As we enter a new chapter in a new calendar year, it’s time to start thinking about effective social media marketing strategies for your small business. In order for you to stay ahead of the competition, it is imperative that you adjust your marketing strategy to take advantage of prevailing trends and the ever-evolving market for various business industries. The […]

Spore – My own review

Hi everyone … Welcome to the amazing world of Spore! Spore is a life simulation game, released in 2008, created by simulation game genius Will Wright. Spore, in my opinion, is more than a game. It’s a fantastic combination of a computer game, science toy, creativity tool, and social tool, allowing you to make millions of friends around the world […]

History of the pines

Since the year eight hundred and ten, the city of Venice, Italy, has remained strong and powerful with its ever-present clock tower and St. Mark’s Square. However, what few people know is that “The city of Venice rests in the heart of Alerce”. In the 9th century, the name ‘Pino’ had not yet been coined, so today if you translate […]