Single Christian Men – How to Seduce Them

Every day we see single Christian men. There are always eligible singles looking for their soulmates. For every Christian man there is a truly special woman for him and each of us has our own preferences. The general principles of the art of seduction still apply regardless of race, color, creed, or religion, but don’t overdo it. If the rooster […]

How to exhaust sales leads

One of the most confusing and infuriating activities of being a new salesperson is how to organize yourself with new potential clients. You may have tried creating stacks by customer type, customer location, target product, or even time of year. If you’re pulling your hair out and surrounded by shredded pieces of paper, try organizing for sales lead burnout. Keep […]

A duo of dancing stars

Small stars like our Sun die beautifully, surrounded by beautiful veils of multicolored gases that were once their outer layers, leaving only their relic cores as silent testimony to the Universe that they once existed. Our Sun, like other small stars, will first become a bloated red giant that it will grow in size to the terrifying point that its […]

Christmas – Introduce the beloved European family tradition of collecting ‘Santons’ at Christmas!

Have you ever heard of the ‘saints’? Well, they are great for Christmas collectors in Europe. Santon is derived from the word ‘santouon’ which means ‘little saint’. They are clay figures, hand-painted and about 70 millimeters high that represent French Proven├žal characters from the 19th century. Many people have a real passion for collecting these figures. There are hundreds of […]

Robinson Crusoe – His Universal Popularity

Daniel Defoe was born in 1659 at St. Gille’s, Cripplegate in London. He was a man of many shades. These different personal traits are reflected in his literary contribution. He had performed a numerous occupation during his lifetime. Some of his important masterpieces like “Essay on Projects” (1698), “The Real Born English Man” (1701), “The Hymn to the Pillar” (1703), […]

Ultimate Tourist Destination – Jamaica

Jamaica offers a lot when it comes to tourist destinations. If you want a piece of Jamaican history, you can go to Kingston and visit Jamaica’s governmental and commercial epicenter, the beating pulse of its politics and the creative outlet of its people. Or if you’re looking for leisure, you can visit Negril, a favorite destination for families, honeymooners, and […]

iPhones VS Androids, their differences and similarities

There is a buzz of excitement in the media and telecommunications circle as iPhone and Android users vie for which is the champion of its kind when it comes to mobile technology. From a productivity point of view, both devices have their differences and similarities. However, depending on the respective categories they serve, there is always one that has a […]

Keeping the mother-child relationship healthy

Throughout the history of humanity, mother-child relationships have been considered special. Many women say that having a child gives them a sense of fulfillment. One woman stated: “It’s as if through him I found the missing part.” Patriarchal societies place greater value on children. At times, “boy centeredness” can become obsessive. In India, special rituals are performed to invoke divine […]