There is a Mars in my kitchen

When the Great Emperor Nala lost his kingdom and wandering the woods with his wife damayantiDue to the cruel arrangement of the planets in their horoscope, both the King and Queen had to beg and pray for food and clothing. Even the High King had to share half of the sarry worn by the Queen. That is the way the […]

Covert Hypnosis – The Way of the Warrior of the Mind

Hypnosis – Mind Control – Persuasion – Influence – All of these charged words carry tremendous implications and, for many, an entire subset of associations that will, in effect, cause people to move towards a particular set of words and away from others. Take for example. Two words… which, depending on their source, could be said to be the same […]

Use Twitter to grow your business list for free

It is to your benefit and the benefit of your business to use Twitter to grow your business list for free. Well, with the way Twitter is set up, you can use it as a free list builder. You can create your own personalized lead list simply by going through the profiles of existing Twitter users. Using this technique, you […]

Cuban Son Complex – Roots of Cuban Music

Cuban music is a great diaspora, but it can basically be divided into 5 generic styles. These are the son, the rumba, the Cuban song, the danz√≥n and the point. This article will discuss the first and possibly the best known style of Cuban music, the son. The first Son in Cuba — Nengon Nengon could be considered the father […]