Do Car AC Recharge Kits Come With Safety Instructions?

Car AC Recharge Kits Come With Safety Instructions A car AC recharge kit is a convenient way to quickly restore your air conditioner’s ability to cool your car. But, like most do it yourself products, these kits don’t come without their drawbacks. A kit can be a good short term fix, but if your AC has major leaks it needs […]

Are Porsche Car Seats Customizable?

Porsche Car Seats The seats in your car take the brunt of daily abuse. Whether spilling a drink, dropping greasy food or traveling with kids and dogs your seats just get beat up on a regular basis. That’s why you should do everything you can to protect them. That’s why National Car Covers carries a full line of custom seat […]

Come scegliere i nuovi pneumatici estivi giusti per un veicolo specifico

pneumatici estivi giusti per un veicolo specifico I nuovi pneumatici estivi giusti sono importanti per la sicurezza e le prestazioni. Ecco perché è importante scegliere un set che sia compatibile con il tuo veicolo e le tue abitudini di guida, oltre che con il tuo budget. Esistono molti tipi diversi di pneumatici, ciascuno progettato per offrire prestazioni diverse in situazioni […]

Honda CR-V: the reliable SUV

The Honda CR-V doesn’t have the same appeal as a BMW X3 or Audi Q5, but the latest Swindon-built CR-V certainly makes up for it with very good build and solid design. It’s a big SUV, but it still drives very well, especially if you opt for the powerful 2.2-litre diesel model and quick manual gearbox. For the first time, […]

7 Safe Driving Tips to Avoid Dent Repair Problems

Dent repair and other major car repairs can be a huge expense. But this can be avoided by safe driving. Safe driving is about much more than taking driver’s education lessons. It requires using your head and a lot of common sense as well. In reality, avoiding car accidents and damage is all about remembering the basics. Here are some […]

How to Get Financing for Aftermarket Auto Parts

Many people think of financing in terms of vehicle purchases. In a typical financing plan, buyers can spread payments over a period of 24 to 36 months. Fortunately, these days, buyers looking to upgrade their vehicles can also get financing for aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts are designed to add more practicality and utility to trucks, cars, and SUVs. These parts […]

Customizing your Nissan 350Z

The Nissan 350Z is arguably the most popular car to customize in the world of auto tuning. The car has mass appeal due to its superior handling, performance, and sporty appearance. The customization path will differ depending on your end goal. You can customize speed, drift, handling, appearance or all of the above. Engine Mods – If you want to […]

How to protect your Ferrari from theft

As a Ferrari owner, you know that after you’ve added this prized vehicle to your investment portfolio, it pays to take proper care of it. Routine Ferrari maintenance, proper insurance, careful driving and care all play a part in how your Ferrari drives in the future. However, one important aspect of Ferrari care that you don’t want to forget is […]

Kawasaki Vulcan Versus Honda Valkyrie Rune

I bet you can buy a Honda Valkyrie Rune for its sheer looks. But Honda Valkyrie Rune is much more than that. Honda and only Honda can bring a concept to life like never before. It’s designed to steal the show and turn heads even faster than ¼ mile. It features huge 1832cc liquid cooled horizontal opposed engines that provide […]

How to get the most cash for junk cars

If an old clunker is sitting idle in your garage or on your driveway, you probably want to get rid of it soon. But do not rush to sell the vehicle. Although it may look like it belongs in a demolition derby, chances are your panels and engine parts are worth something. Before you get rid of the car, carefully […]