PLC Automation Training – Overview

Control systems are used by most industries and automation takes full care of that. It uses information technology and the control system and reduces human manual labor in the production of goods and services. Most people say that automation is a step beyond mechanization because in mechanization human operators do work by applying their muscles to work, but automation has […]

Advertising as a communication tool

Advertising is a form of mass communication with the public. It is usually unilateral, that is, from the company to the potential buyer / user of the product. It is a form of communication that usually tries to persuade potential customers to buy or consume more than one particular brand of products / services. According to Bovee’s correct definition, “Advertising […]

Understanding Crisis Management KPIs

Having to go through a business crisis is an almost inevitable consequence of any activity. In fact, there is little to no assurance that a business will never experience such a problem. However, what the manager can do, instead of trying to warn or avoid the crisis, is to learn to deal with it and prepare the company to be […]

What is digital asset management?

In short, digital asset management (DAM) is the organization, management and distribution of any of your digital files, from images to text content and everything in between. A good DAM system will also keep your files safe. Let’s see more about what digital asset management covers to help you decide if you need it. Content creation Content creation is a […]

How to choose the best readability formula for your document

Currently, there are more than 200 readability formulas developed by various scholars since the 1940s. Only a few of these formulas are reliable in determining the reading level of sample text. This article will help you decide which readability formula (s) to use in your documents. Identify your industry and then select the appropriate readability formula. EDUCATION The primary role […]

Top 5 Social Networking Sites 2011

Social networks are the grouping of individuals into specific groups, such as small rural communities or a neighborhood subdivision, so to speak. Although this is possible in person, especially in the workplace, universities, and high schools, it is most popular online. This type of site users is increasing rapidly with the expansion of Internet users day by day. Today, Internet […]