Book Review – Chasing the Light of Day by Eugene O’Kelly

As a person who has read hundreds of business books, especially those about successful entrepreneurs, I have a good ability to review and rate business books. I’ve read biographies on Henry Ford, Richard Branson, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and even Martha Stewart, but I’ve never read a book like Eugene O’Kelly’s Chasing Daylight. Eugene O’Kelly was an amazing, successful and down to […]

What is live video streaming?

Live video streaming and associated technologies are gaining popularity these days. The days of cable television as the main source of entertainment are slowly waning. Right now, consumers are looking for alternative ways to be entertained and consume news. One such technology that is currently being leveraged is live video streaming. Do you remember the royal wedding this year? Around […]

Vending Machine Business Marketing Plan

Finding great retail locations is one thing, but to have any hope of succeeding in this business, you have to be good at convincing location managers to let you put their machines on their premises. What you need is a marketing strategy that will help you contact potential customers and successfully sell them your service. This article looks at how […]

Oil, Energy and Congress

Now that Congress has gone into recess for the end of summer, what are we going to do about the energy situation? At this point, I’m getting tired of hearing that $4.00 gas is good for me. How can it be a good thing for Americans to spend less of their money on other goods and invest in their tanks […]

7 Instagram story ideas to build followers

Keeping your Instagram busy is a great way to build a following. An active account is more interesting than an inactive one. Also, using Instagram to share all types of content with your audience in many forms will be much more interesting to them than if you shared only one type. Let’s look at some ideas you can incorporate into […]

A real review on the rush of auto traffic

So far everything seems to be going well… But it is not! In fact, after purchasing the product I realized that what was promised is absolutely kept. In fact, Auto Traffic Avalanche software doesn’t really exist! Let me explain… In practice, the Auto Traffic Avalanche software is a PHP script that is downloaded to the PC and then uploaded via […]

awaken the spirit of the nation

In 1945, Pandji’s father was still 7 years old. He had asked his mother (Pandji’s grandmother), “What is independence?” Initially, the grandmother responded confusedly to Pandji’s father. However, then, she said: “If all these (pointing to the surrounding environment) are ours.” The boy asked again: “Are they all ours? Does it mean that while we are traveling by train, we […]

Main reasons why Facebook is so popular

If you’ve been around the internet for a while, even a year or so, you’ve probably heard of one of the most popular social networking websites called Facebook. To date, Facebook has more than 64 million active subscribers around the world, not including subscribers who signed up this year. Chances are you are one of them or one of your […]

About film festivals, creativity and copyright

Movies with bad reviews don’t necessarily give anyone an excuse to pirate them. Art is subjective and stealing is wrong. These are two truths to remember when it comes to hacking. It is not bad to share content as long as it does not cross any copyright. Copyrighted materials are certified and protected, and the owners have grounds to claim […]

Ready to create your company newsletter?

Online newsletters (also called ezines) have become easier to create with the availability of templates and tools like Constant Contact. All you have to do is add your text to the template and send it to your readers. Although there is a lot of discussion about blogs vs. newsletters, you can have both. Typically with blogs, readers have to visit […]