Five ecommerce marketing tools you need to know

More and more people are using the Internet to shop, especially with the increasing use of smartphones and mobile-based product browsing. For this reason, it is advisable for almost any type of retailer to consider having an eCommerce store to help sell more products. But what’s more than just selling products on the web is effectively marketing those products to […]

The Truman Show: A Metaphorical Analysis

I’m looking at the 1998 Jim Carrey movie titled “The Truman Show.” This movie is not just full of metaphors, it is a metaphor itself. I will discuss what the metaphors are in the film, their meaning, and how they tell the story. The purpose of this film is to inspire the audience by relating the life of a certain […]

The secret of cheap airfare

Most of us love to travel and discover our inner explorer. How many times have you seen a stunning Instagram photo of some idyllic island resort or lazy European city shrouded in morning mist, with the hashtag #Wanderlust underneath? And seeing that we say ‘man, I wish I could visit’, but most of the time our pocket does not allow […]

Book summary: “What the CEO wants you to know” by Ram Charan

Ram Charan is a true thought leader in business and has been advising CEOs and boards of companies around the world for decades. Subtitled”How your company really worksThis book is one of the first books by this prolific author, yet it is still highly relevant today. It is partly a “textbook”, explaining business fundamentals and the basics of business financeand […]

Does live video streaming work?

Have you found that many people have started live streaming on social media nowadays? With many live streaming social media apps starting with live video and making it possible for their users to go live and generate videos for their followers very easily, it is no surprise that many small businesses are getting involved and using this technique to their […]

How to Market Your Book in 6 Easy Steps

The way you market your book to readers should be based on two things: your values ​​and your intentions for the book. If something feels slimy or fake, don’t do it. You should never allow a little exposure to destroy your values. Short-term gains that feel bad rarely result in long-term growth as an author. They can also decrease your […]

Different Strategies – Stop Loss Orders

Being obese can take years off your life and, in some cases, can be as dangerous as smoking, a new study says. British researchers from the University of Oxford analyzed 57 studies, mainly in Europe and North America, following almost a million people for an average of 10 to 15 years. During that time, about 100,000 of those people died. […]