Circular Saw Vs Table Saw – Pros and Cons

Each type of saw has its pros and cons. The decision to go with either one should be made after a thorough review of them, as it will depend on how the tool is used. So when you compare a circular saw to a table saw, there is really no right or wrong, it comes down to convenience, speed, power, […]

The LEGO Turbo Clone Tank: The Battle Giant

During the Clone Wars, CIS (Confederacy of Independent Systems) forces engaged in combat with the Storm Troopers of the Galactic Republic. One of the most devastating weapons systems they had to face was the Republic-deployed main battle tank. This monster, known as the HAVw (Heavy Assault Vehicle / Wheeled) A6 Juggernaut, was manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards for the Republic. […]

Death to the American, British and Jewish peoples?

They pay you for this nonsense, right? – ask a nervous internet forum poster for my flurry of posts and engagement found all over the web as I am a me-evangelist whose coverage is always expanding as God wants and reveals Google. It is foolish for those who are woefully ignorant of the Bible and history or who reject the […]

Sports in Mongolia: the birthplace of Chultem Naidam!

On the way to London 2012! Chultem Naidam Did you know- In 1964, Mongolian athlete Chultem Naidam was the standard bearer for the nation’s first Olympic delegation at the XVIII Olympiad in Tokyo, Japan. Moscow 1980 Did you know- At the XXII Olympiad of the USSR, between July 19 and August 13, 1980, Mongolia, a former communist nation in Asia, […]

1980 Arcade Games – Video Domination

The arcade games of the 1980s proved that the game market would become huge around the world for years to come with no signs of stopping. This, of course, was extremely evident in the release of the highest grossing game of all time. This was also announced as the first mascot character. Pac-Man was an international phenomenon that also ushered […]

Dominica Traveler Perspectives

Dominica is about discovery. Much of its 360 rivers, tropical forests and mountains are still unexplored. Tourism, hiking, trekking, diving are among the best in the Caribbean. But the true nature of Dominica is a soft peace; quiet in a land of towering mountains and cascading rivers. Going back in time, you are miles away from the modern world and […]

Lenovo IdeaCentre 720 Overview – A Great General Purpose Desktop That Delivers Impressive Performance

Looking for a comprehensive quality desktop that costs less than $ 1,000? With features like dedicated graphics and powerful processing power, the Lenovo IdeaCentre 720 is easy to work with and enjoy multimedia. It is available in two configurations, one with an AMD Ryzen processor and one with a 7th generation Intel Core processor. While it is best used as […]

Quick Fix Xbox Error E74: Fix It Faster Than You Can Say Xbox

Okay, so you and your friends are playing your Xbox 360, and all of a sudden the screen you’re looking at starts showing some strange images. Graphics are choppy and start to turn into green squares. You think it might be a problem with the A / V cable, so don’t worry too much at first. Turn off your system […]

The difference between a Pokémon plush and a teddy bear

The biggest difference between a teddy bear and a stuffed toy like a Pokémon is probably the price; I bet a teddy bear is way more expensive. And the second difference is in sales: Pokémon plush toys probably outsell a thousand to one or more teddy bears (maybe a lot more). Adults are much more interested in teddy bears than […]