Quick ways to eat more fiber

Obtaining fiber in our body is very important as it helps prevent constipation and control our weight. It can also help prevent some diseases like high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers. The recommended amount of fiber needed per day is 25 to 38 grams. Most people eat less than 15 grams a day. The institute of medicine recommends […]

Did you know this on your knees?

Everything we do with our legs needs our knees. Its movement allows the leg to twist, twist, and straighten, which we generally require to stand, walk, jump, and twist. We all know how important the knees are. But we could miss a crucial part and its function in our entire body. Some facts that will make you think are: Babies […]

Fat burning oven: the best program to lose weight

Losing weight is something that many people have difficulty with, the thing is that the only way you are really going to lose weight is if you do something about it. If you think that having a program will help you become more disciplined, then you need to find one that can get you on the right track. Look for […]

Determination of exercise intensity

If you’re new to exercise and looking to start a new training program, you may be wondering what intensity level is appropriate for your goals and fitness level. Many people are unsure of what intensity levels are defined and avoid exercises labeled vigorous intensity due to fear of injury or lack of capacity. As a personal trainer and exercise physiologist, […]

5 Easy Training And Nutrition Tips To Gain Muscle Fast

Exercise and sports are two of the best ways to gain muscle quickly. There are also other modalities. What you need to know about gaining muscle fast is that the muscles you use the most tend to get bigger and stronger, while the muscles you use the least get weaker and smaller. What are the best tips to gain muscle […]

How many calories do you burn in a day naturally?

How many calories do you burn in a day avoiding fat burning pills? If you want to burn calories and lose weight, do it naturally! Stay Away From All Amphetamines or Metabolic Stimulators – These Weight Loss Programs – Dietary supplements won’t help you burn calories or lose weight for long, and they’re often unhealthy. As a substitute, take body […]

How many calories do you burn when you walk?

The calories you burn while walking depend on two factors: your weight and the distance you walk. Ideal for people of all ages, walking is kinder to your joints and most people can comfortably walk for a longer period of time than if they were going for a run. Also remember, the heavier you are, the more calories you will […]