Pebble Tiles – Main Advantages!

Pebble tiles are decorative natural tiles made from handpicked and handpicked pebbles from the Indonesian island of Bali. This material adorns the beauty of floors and walls alike with its rich texture and decorative appearance. These elegant looking mosaic stones are made from polished pebble stones that are suitable for use in any room. This is exceptionally good for bathrooms […]

Ask an Expert: Interior Design

Over many years as an interior designer, what would be 3 major changes in consumer preferences during that time? One thing that immediately springs to mind is the switch from stain grade cabinets to paint grade cabinets. White kitchens are back! Customers tend more towards lighter and brighter shades over the red / orange hues of the last decade. The […]

How to make money with the remains of a granite countertop

The average person probably won’t have granite countertop scraps lying around. However, those who are manufacturers, contractors, or homeowners who just did major kitchen renovations probably do. After doing a job in the kitchen, that leftover granite usually settles, collects dust, and takes up space. Homeowners probably have no idea what to do with this excess granite, and it probably […]

Dental office design: what’s in a countertop?

When working on the design of your dental office, one of the details that needs attention is the type of countertops to be used in various applications. There are countertops throughout a dental office design, and while the various countertops can be coordinated, they certainly don’t have to be made from the same materials. There are several considerations that go […]

Flow and kitchen design

Let’s take a look at some common food preparation flow plans that you will discover within the kitchen. The most basic and desirable flow plan is the straight line, also known as assembly line flow. Materials are constantly moving from one procedure to another in a straight line. This type of style minimizes recoil; Saves prep time and confusion about […]

Save money by using granite scraps

Natural stones excavated from mines and quarries such as granite have been a common building material today. The beauty and hardness of these stones make it a suitable material for home renovation and construction. However, granite can be quite expensive, with prices ranging up to $ 70 per square foot excluding installation. Not all homeowners can afford this huge cost. […]

Why is matte gray so popular?

Advantages of gray Gray is a common occurrence in modern kitchens. That is, because gray goes well with almost all the colors with which it is combined. In fact, some people think that adding a gray finish is one of the best methods for adding contrast and depth to a kitchen. Gray is so slick that it gives the designer […]