Why is my aura dirty?

The question that came to me while explaining to a client that her aura was also being cleansed was, “Why is it dirty?” I am a practitioner and practitioner of Usui Reiki Ryoho Shihan (instructor teacher); some, many of the feet, a few inches from the body of the person or animal that receives before and after a Reiki healing […]

Period Tracking Apps and Fertility Tracking Apps

Keeping track of your period seems simple enough. Sometimes though, keeping track of your period can be anything but simple. Smartphone and tablet apps (for iOS and Android) can make it easier for women to track their period and fertility. They can help you predict your cycles and monitor your mood, symptoms, weight, and temperature. Tracking apps allow women to […]

Talking to Your Special Needs Child About Challenges

Children with special needs are prone to depression and irritability at nearly three times the rate of children who do not face unique challenges. It’s a fairly predictable fact: the child encounters a difficulty that doesn’t get in the way of their peers, and they wonder if someone has had to work as hard just to not succeed as well […]

How to make homemade tea with menthol crystals

Today I am going to be talking about making homemade tea. We will discuss how to make it with loose leaf tea and infuser balls. We will discuss the benefit of making homemade tea versus buying from tea / coffee restaurants like Starbucks or Coffee Bean. We will talk about what you need to buy to make homemade tea and […]

Celebrate Fall with Fall Vacation Getaways

Fall is here, and for those of you who haven’t had enough of vacations in the summer, this is your chance to get away and enjoy all that fall has to offer. Fall Foliage Tours Whether you’re driving yourself or taking a tour bus, there’s nothing like watching the seasons change reflected in the changing color of the leaves. Of […]

The health benefits of shared laughter

There is a blessing in the joy of shared laughter. Give it a try: Get cartoons or jokes popping up on your computer every day, share a joke you’ve received via email, or talk to friends and co-workers about the funny scene from the latest hit movie. Laughter will lower your blood pressure, calm your pulse, and generally help you, […]