How Dog Ownership Has Changed Over 80 Years

An online search for comments and opinions states that having a dog in 1960 was very different than it is today. A quarter of the dogs at the time were random strays, owned or not. The rules of ownership were much less defined. Even though there were commercial dog food available and a Milk Bone treat company, the dog food […]

The beauty of friendship

Friends are people who will be there for us when we need someone the most, but there are also some who will enjoy being with us and will run away when they need someone the most. There are some who let us be ourselves, but there is always a person who is so close to you and you know that […]

Definition and function of wireless fence for dogs

The Wireless Dog Fence is an electronic fence and a revolutionary product that provides the basic functions of a state-of-the-art dog fence system. This wireless dog restraint system is designed to keep your dog within defined limits to keep them away from areas to be protected. Compared to other wooden or metal fences, the wireless dog fence will prevent your […]

How safe is your flea and tick killer?

Laboratory studies of the ingredients of seven popular flea and tick control products reveal adverse health effects in all animals tested. The effects of these well-known and aggressively marketed products range from seizures, body tremors, and shortness of breath to thyroid cancer, brain injury, and liver and lung tumors. However, TV commercials with trustworthy-looking vets only show the happy side […]

Replacement Dominion Dark Ages Estate Cards

Well, as the official story of the new Dominion: Dark Ages expansion game says, the good times are over (thematically, of course). In the context of this latest release in the popular Dominion game series, you have moved out of your once luxurious and now ransacked castle and plunged into your pleasant ravine. And even though he’s a beggar now, […]

The best way to get rid of mice in your aviary

If you have an aviary, you have certainly had a problem with rodents and vermin in and around your aviary. In the worst case, rats can kill their birds or even scare them away from caring for their young. You will be aware of their presence if you notice small mounds of sand and elongated brown grainy droppings. If you […]

3 Helpful Tips to Control Your Scotsman’s Biting Habit

Dogs bite. Scottish terriers bite. It is without a doubt one of the worst behavior problems a dog can have. The stories that owners tell about Scottish terrier bites show so many different situations that an encyclopedia could easily be written about. There was this owner of a Scot whose shoes, hands and ankles were bitten every time he tried […]

This is what a reputable raccoon removal service looks like

Raccoons are not only very destructive, they are very intelligent. Smart animals, like raccoons, are prone to causing more damage and destruction than not-so-smart ones. In addition to their human-like legs that can open and pry like ours, these attributes make them a triple threat to our residential and commercial properties. For this reason, it is imperative to choose a […]