persian cats

Having a Persian cat is really wonderful. This beauty is something of a cross between a small dog and a domestic cat. They definitely have a personality of their own. I know because I own 6 Persians. They are simply the sweetest animals that our God has created and I love mine very much. 3 of the 6 Persians I […]

Dog Training: This is a quick way to stop your dog from barking

It was 5:00 AM and Timmy wouldn’t stop barking. Timmy is a Jack Russell Terrier and he belongs to my mother in law. We were keeping an eye on him over the weekend and his barking was already driving me crazy. I rolled over in bed and informed my wife that Timmy would be learning the word “Hush” today. Barking […]

5 benefits of equipping your private car with an air purifier

When it comes to respiratory health problems, air pollution is one of the root causes. Since air can travel long distances, you can’t be sure even if you’re traveling in your own vehicle. In fact, you may be more affected if you use public transport. So what you need to do is install a good air purifier in your personal […]

Bichon Frize Problems: Temperament

Of its many wonderful qualities, the Bichon’s charming temperament may be one of the biggest draws to prospective owners. The ideal bichon is gentle, playful, sensitive and affectionate. Homeowners should settle for nothing less than these qualities. Although most Bichons are capable of this type of temperament, a few things can lead to a less than desirable attitude in your […]

The best tips to get rid of fleas

Fleas are wingless, blood-sucking insects that feed on dogs, cats, humans, and other species. A female flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day. Flea problems: A flea can quickly multiply to infect your home and your life. Flea bites commonly cause skin irritation and itching. Fleas can infect your pet with tapeworms. Flea bites on your pet can […]

Advantages and disadvantages of freshwater algae

If you thought algae could be easily identified, you were wrong. Algae have a diverse group that cannot be easily identified or seen with the naked eye. Although they appear identical, algae come in various shapes, sizes, and roles in marine ecology. Thousands or even millions of identified and unidentified species can be found in fresh and marine waters around […]

How to find discount pet supplies

I love my pet, but I hate the high cost of pet supplies. Can you relate to the constant drain on your wallet? Would you like to reduce the cost of your pet supplies? If you, too, love your pet(s) and would like to benefit from some of the ways I save money on pet supplies, take a few minutes […]

How to remove rust from Japanese teapots

The Japanese teapot tetsubin has come a long way. It originated as a container used centuries ago to heat water for tea and is now also used to provide warmth and humidity in all homes during the winter or even throughout the year. With their striking aesthetics and functionality, modern tetsubins now come in a variety of styles, designs, and […]

Should you have a badger as a pet?

Badgers are short, stocky animals and are omnivores (plant and animal eaters). They can be found in Great Britain, Ireland, North America, and parts of Europe and Asia. A pet badger may sound cute, but having a pet badger is so much more. Can I have a badger as a pet? In Great Britain it is an offense to keep […]