How to increase immunity to rats

As winter approaches, it is important to focus our attention on how we can increase our rats’ immunity against infection and provide them with the best possible defense during what is often a vulnerable time for rats, especially the elderly. High humidity, along with cold, can create conditions that affect a vulnerable rat’s respiratory system. This is due to the […]

Hanle’s Endangered Gazelles

Dodging down Leh’s busy main street, we desperately searched for camera battery and good quality film rolls as we drove to Hanle to search for the Tibetan gazelle, a small antelope. We ran to the Moti market with makeshift shops selling trinkets. Shoppers and merchants seemed to enjoy the raucous Bollywood songs. A winter trip to Hanle in Changthang meant […]

Cool ideas to save money in September

Even when summer ends and fall begins, you can still get great deals during the month of September. September is between summer and the coolest month of October prior to the holidays. These first months of fall provide abundant opportunities to save money. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to save. Here’s your September shopping guide. Labor Day Sales Many […]

How is hip dysplasia diagnosed in dogs?

Young large breed dogs, such as Labradors, St. Bernards, and Great Danes, are prone to developing a condition called canine hip dysplasia (CHD). So are some of the smaller breeds, such as Beagles, Bloodhounds, Brittany Spaniels, and Bloodhounds. Coronary heart disease is a very serious disease that can cause a dog to suffer a lot of pain and even become […]

Papillon Puppies – Butterfly Eared Teacups

Papillon puppies and adult dogs actually have extremely large ears that spread out like the wings of a butterfly. This is how we get the Papillon name for this breed, the word Papillon means butterfly in French. These dogs are what we call a teacup breed, which means they are among the smallest dogs in the world, much smaller than […]

A dog is for life, not just for Christmas

Unfortunately, it’s still frighteningly common for people to buy puppies for Christmas just to try and get the creature home in January. Sadly, after Christmas is over, the novelty has faded, as the dog is dirtying the carpet and behaving in a rebellious manner. Of course, it’s not that the dog is bad, it just hasn’t been properly trained. For […]

Fight spiritual depression

Are you discouraged? Are you feeling bad and bad? Wondering why you should bother to keep living the Christian life, especially if it seems like a failure? Who has not ever felt useless? Who has not become impatient with himself and has felt sick because of his lack of spiritual progress? (Luke 8:15). YOU’RE NOT ALONE! We all go through […]

Parasites: How to Know If You Have Worms and What to Do About Them

Some time ago I had a client who had this question for me: “I have noticed that I have had menstrual cramps in the last few months and I usually do not. Can you tell me what you think it is?” It was determined, strangely or not strangely enough, that the cause of those menstrual cramps was parasites! And this […]

Silver Labrador Retriever: turning the old to the new

Silver Labradors exploded as the latest fad in the spring of this year. Although the Labrador breed has been recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) since 1903, there have been reports of a “Silver” lab since 1920, however the AKC only recognizes the typical yellow, black, and brown colors. There is documented evidence from 1920-1950 regarding the rarity of […]