Rent a parking space

Increased affordability and lower prices have led to an increase in the number of cars. Most elite families today own at least two cars. This has led to a problem of inadequate parking spaces. Business-owned parking lots charge exorbitant rents for their space. This has led individuals to rent their unused parking spaces. These spaces can be rented for a […]

United-BIM – BIM Modeling Services Company

BIM Modeling Services Company United-BIM is a BIM modeling services company with experience on over 100 projects. The company provides Revit architectural modeling, structural modeling, MEP design and scan to BIM. The firm also provides 3d-rendering and BIM consulting. Their location is in Boston. They have a good reputation in the construction industry and have an excellent track record. If […]

Estate Planning Basics: Financing Your Trust

The assets you own can be transferred to your chosen heirs or beneficiaries upon your death in one of several ways. If the particular asset is owned by you and someone else, such as a residence you own jointly with your spouse with survivorship (JWROS), the property will automatically pass to your spouse upon your death. Assets can also pass […]

The characteristics of the simple rate in real estate law

Fee Simple is Jamaica’s largest real estate property known by law; it is the broadest because it is likely to last the longest and because it gives its owner the widest powers of enjoyment of the land. Consequently, if we take the powers of the simple owner as a reference line, we will be able to see to what extent […]

A list of property definitions

There are numerous types of properties on the market that are advertised at any given time. Some of these names for different properties can be confusing so it is vital that you know what to expect, here are the names of the property types and their definition. Semi-detached house: Semi-detached house is an established old property where more than two […]

Real Estate and Financial Planning – Best Used Together!

Many often articulate some of the essentials of financial planning, but do so, without paying full attention to what this should include and mean. There are many needs, including the need to include all possible components, that could enhance a person’s ability to be as successful as possible from a financial perspective. However, many only look at this, in terms […]

Types, characteristics and uses of paper

There are several types of paper that are used in the execution of various activities such as drawing, tracing, printing, calligraphy, etc. The papers are available in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and finishes, as well as in different degrees of quality, permanence and durability. One particular type can often be used for another purpose. Printing papers, for example, […]