South Florida real estate market 2010 to 2011

It’s like someone just let the bulls out of the cage, as the South Florida real estate market has accelerated since early 2010. Whether we can attribute this to government stimulus intervention or a genuine shift in consumer sentiment, there’s no arguing that both the pace of real estate sales and pending transactions have skyrocketed recently. My personal opinion as […]

Tips for selling your own home

Not everyone is willing to hire a real estate agent, as they charge a commission, usually around 7%. That means when you sell your own home, you’ll end up with more than $10,000 that would have gone to an agent. And given the slow pace of the current market, there’s a very real chance that your home could sit unsold […]

Tax advantages for homeowners

What do you gain with the purchase of a second home? Buying a second home is expensive, so you need to know how to lower the cost by learning how you can reduce your taxes on those homes. You can learn about the various tax deductibles you can take advantage of when buying your home. Mortgage interest: If you are […]

The HDB Market: Boon or Bane?

While Housing Development Board (HDB) flat sellers are laughing all the way to the bank this year, first-time homeowners and singles trying to get a piece of the HDB resale market are furious. These buyers are finding resale HDB flats too expensive and many are now deciding to postpone their purchase or even their marriage. HDB data shows that the […]

Bird Island Seychelles

There’s a coral island just a thirty-minute plane ride from Mahe in the Seychelles that seems a world away from our everyday worries. This island is uniquely Seychelles and is especially geared towards the conservation and protection of indigenous flora and fauna, but especially the endangered birds that call Seychelles home. You will not need your mobile phone, because there […]

Buy a house? Beware of these real estate agent tricks

This is the second in a three-part series warning home buyers and sellers about the top tricks real estate agents use to steal their money. These articles are meant to help you avoid getting fleeced by your real estate agent. sell to buyers Although we all know that agents act for sellers, many are experts at befriending buyers and making […]