Timeshare Vs Hotel – Where To Stay?

It’s 2 AM The kids are frowning. Dad tries in vain to stop Mom from banging on the door and yelling at the chatty couple in the next room. Little Sara is not feeling well. The doctor’s diagnosis: undeniably the symptoms of a Labor Day weekend spent in a hotel. The cure: a timeshare resort. Don’t let the kids’ memories […]

Do men ever regret leaving their wives?

I often hear from wives who hope that one day their husband will regret leaving them. Often these same wives will tell their husbands that leaving is a mistake they will one day regret. And often the husband doesn’t believe this for a second, or any doubts he may have overrides his need to go away and just see what […]

Purchase of bank-owned REO properties using money from private investors

Many real estate buyers know that there are fantastic deals available in the real estate market. The slew of bank foreclosures has led to a tidal wave of bank-owned REOs that have flooded the market with low-priced properties. Astute investors are taking advantage of this situation to buy homes at bargain prices. If you’re considering investing in bank-owned property, you’ll […]

California – Better Rated Insurance Agents?

The rating means how we rate the state for independent and semi-independent agents who mediate insurance cases. California gets and deserves the highest rating of 2nd. What a great marketing opportunity this provides not only for recruiting, but also for outside product sales targeting agents with sizeable incomes. California insurance agents were researched and analyzed beyond the normal limits to […]

Choose your own domain name

Think of a name and check if yourname.com is available. I personally like to use http://www.whois.com to check if a domain name is available. You can also check the registrant’s contact information using the “whois” service if you want to negotiate the purchase of the domain you like from the people who registered it first. To register the domain name […]