Naming Your Blog – Good Blog Titles

Deciding on a good blog title and selecting a domain should be based on the location of the target keyword. With both the domain and a good blog title, you want to include at least one target keyword, but what is the target keyword? Well that will depend on your niche and there is a pretty big list of options. […]

REO Real Estate Investing Guide for Beginners

Although still relatively low, the number of foreclosures across the country is on the rise, which means REO investors are beginning to have more opportunities to make money. REO is an abbreviation for Real Estate Owned, usually homes that have been repossessed by lenders who are now looking to get rid of those properties as quickly as possible. REOs have […]

What is the real story of investing in apartment buildings?

Here’s the deal, these turnkey real estate investments have third-party management companies (some on-site) that take care of the day-to-day needs as you earn passive income. If you google passive real estate investments, you’ll see that your number one choice is multi-family apartment buildings are large complexes of units that can get commercial financing based on your finances. You can […]

Robert T. Kiyosaki Success Stories – Book Review

Title and author: Success stories by Robert T. Kiyosaki Content Synopsis: In 1997, Robert T. Kiyosaki published his first book in a series called Rich Dad Poor Dad. It was about the difference between the way rich people think and function and the way poor people do the same. After that book have come a series of sequels and follow-ups. […]

Tips for choosing "asleep" real estate ownership

Real estate investing is all about perception. Your perception of where the market is headed, along with where it is actually going. The goal, as always, is to buy low and sell high. You want to buy a piece of land cheaply and sell it as high-priced developed real estate, after it appreciates enough to make a handsome profit. Selling […]

Wealth Without Risk by Saen Higgins

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Risk-Free Wealth, a program from Saen Higgins that claims to be able to make its users rich without risk. Saen Higgins has her own infomercial and it seemed like the product could really work. I thought this guy was interesting; Every time I searched for Risk-Free Wealth online, people wrote that Saen Higgins […]

Real Estate Investment Perspectives and Outlook 2010

What’s next for real estate? For most people, real estate remains a critical part of personal net worth. Despite the stock market rally, the average US family’s net worth is down 25% due to declines in real estate values ​​and investment assets. Market Trends Overview – Focus on Boston While still suffering from ongoing turmoil in the major Financial Services, […]

Renovation Loans: FHA 203(K), Fannie Homestyle Renovation Mortgage, and Conventional Rehab Loans

With a plethora of homes still being sold as short sales and foreclosures, renovation loans are becoming increasingly popular with homebuyers. Many family homes are being redesigned for additional family members these days. As rental housing costs rise, families decide to live together and save money. There are multiple situations that could apply: boomerang kids, elderly or divorced parents with […]

Using Nanny Cams for Home Security

For home security systems, most people have a fixed idea of ​​everything that is involved. For example, there are wired and wireless alarm systems, which are usually connected to an emergency service in case of theft or fire. These systems are extremely popular and with new technology, they are also affordable and easy to find. Other common types of home […]