COVID-19 Awareness and Preparedness – Essential to Know for Healthy Living

With a slow start in the month of January from China, the COVID-19 pandemic has become the deadly disease, which has spread its deadly wings across the globe with over 50,00,000 active cases worldwide. Lockdown and quarantine, social distancing, stay safe at home, etc. are common trending words now. Everyone is trying to know about COVID-19 awareness and preparedness to […]

Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Possible Baby Names Bets

Online bookies are now accepting bets on what your child’s name will be for those who know this is an opportunity to win a little money and have a little fun. Recent rumors suggest the child will be a boy, Holmes sparking the rumor after she was spotted shopping for a bunch of blue baby clothes. A source was quoted […]

Balloon Naming Ceremony and Your Baby

Balloons are a great feature at a baby naming ceremony. They are connected in everyone’s mind with the joy and irrepressible fun of childhood, so they are commonly used as decoration in the area where the baby naming ceremony takes place, and at the front door, and can be incorporated into the real. ceremony such as the release of a […]

Top 10 Western Themed Party Food Ideas

Are you hosting a western party and looking for some ideas for an easy western party meal? Then look no further! Below are some simple and tasty western-themed party food ideas for your next event. Whether you’re hosting a denim and diamonds affair or a low-key backyard barbecue, country and western fare is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Most of […]

An enemy called average

Are you on the couch? Are your dreams and goals sitting there with you? You are in the fight of your life, and you must defeat the enemy, the enemy called average. What is the average? Are you an average middle class woman? What is that exactly? Is your favorite hobby babysitting or working eight to five Monday through Friday […]

What is Creativity Coaching?

You’ve probably heard of coaching; life coaching, career coaching, executive coaching… the list goes on. In a general sense, a coach is a professional who can help you develop a new perspective, solve problems, set goals, and support you as you work toward those goals. So what is a creativity coach and why would anyone need one? Many people think […]

20 gift ideas for less than $5

You want to give something but the occasion says that it should not be too much. Or the whole family gets together for a birthday, Thanksgiving or Christmas and that means 45 gifts. You want to give something to everyone in your class. Or your budget will soon hit the red ink stage. What should you do? Here you’ll find […]

Pilates Ball Exercises: 5 Great Reasons to Get Unsteady!

Pilates ball exercises are an essential part of a Pilates regimen. You will love it like me. After a while you might even consider joining the circus, you’ll get so adept at exercises! They are also sometimes referred to as Pilates, Balance, Fitness, Swiss, or Stability Balls, but in fact, they are more about instability. For starters, when you start […]

The 40 Best Romantic Things to Do

1. Get up super early. Prepare a special breakfast in advance (croissants, buns, etc.) and set the coffee maker’s timer. Take a short trip to see the sunrise together. 2. When your special someone comes home, have a makeshift massage area ready to go (bedroom works best) with candles, soft music, and a nice scent (perhaps a scented candle or […]