What is an epic? – 5 Conventions of Epic Poetry

The epic is a long poem about the actions of one or more characters from legend or history. These events are something akin to a war involving so many characters along with gods and spirits. The following are the conventions of poetry: 1. Summon: A prayer or invocation comes at the beginning of the poem where the poet asks the […]

9 Deadly Business Mistakes!

The following is a list of nine things you want to avoid at all costs. Any one of them can literally destroy your dreams and financial goals! 1. Trade with money you can’t afford to lose. One of the biggest obstacles to successful trading is using money you really can’t afford to lose. Examples of this would be money that […]

Hyundai Santa Fe: Buy it or pocket it?

Hyundai’s new Santa Fe SUV is now gaining some traction in the auto industry. Said model was previously launched as a compact in the year 2000. However, it was later redesigned by the manufacturer to compete with other makes and models. It comes in 3 different trim levels: GLS, SE and the elegant Limited. The Santa Fe was also given […]

How does a free app make money?

The mobile app industry welcomes new ideas to expand its area. While the e-commerce industry gets a new boost with mobile apps to sell products or services more conveniently, many people get a way to generate income by creating demanding apps. An app can be used to earn money if it successfully justifies its purpose. Gaming apps are the best […]

DeWalt DW716 Review – Detailed View of the DeWalt DW716 Miter Saw

Whether you’re a professional contractor or just an occasional woodworker, this DEWALT DW716 15-Amp 12-Inch Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw will be one of the best saws you’ll ever see. Very powerful 15.0 amp motor producing 3600 RPM (revolutions per minute). That ensures power, versatility, and exceptional durability for everyone who uses it. The flexibility and wide range of features […]

Ideation: where business ideas come from

Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing and communicating new business ideas. When we plan to launch a new business, we build on an existing concept or develop our own unique idea. The same applies to growing an existing business. I have always had a hard time determining what is more difficult: finding the idea or executing it. Sometimes […]

Top 5 Reasons We Love Retro Games

#5. Games were simpler in the past Video games have undoubtedly become more ambitious and impressive in recent years. When you look at the likes of The Last Of Us, it’s impossible to overstate how far video games have come since people played Pong forty-odd years ago. But despite all the innovations within the medium, and all the new ideas […]