Soda and weight loss

If you are trying to lose weight, eliminating soda from your diet is one of the best ways to lose weight quickly. Two cans of soda a day can add up to more than 300 calories; more than 15% of a 2,000 calorie diet. The calories in soda come entirely from refined sugar and have no vitamins or minerals, hence […]

How to make fruits and vegetables more exciting

How many times during childhood do we hear the words “Eat your vegetables!” How we wished we were all adults and never had to eat those horrible things again. Unfortunately, vegetables and fruits are a vital part of our daily diet. If you choose not to eat them, you will undoubtedly feel bad and gain weight. Possibly the main reason […]

Pure potential and insufficient talent

Nessley: less conditioning Martin Nessley was a 7’2 “280 lb. heavy coaster from Whitehall-Yearling High School in Columbus, Ohio. In addition to his size, he brought impressive credentials such as McDonald’s All-American and Parade All-American. What’s not Can you like it? Coach K went after him and got engaged to Duke in 1984. The coach likely believed he could take […]

Hockey betting systems

Hockey betting systems will do wonders for your betting positions and give you a much greater chance of collecting cash from your winnings, rather than losing money through trial and error methods. When you use effective hockey betting systems, you can essentially eliminate a great deal of uncertainty normally associated with amateur betting (especially among avid sports fans and beginners […]

Channeling: an explanation of how a medium can channel spirits

The definition of pipeline Channeling, in psychic parlance, is the process of receiving and transmitting information to and from an external invisible entity or source in an ‘altered state of consciousness’ or trance. This state is thought-based, self-induced, or triggered by an expert. The channel loses its body consciousness and reaches a level of intelligence almost synchronized with that of […]

Green myths about reading: the myth of the PGA Tour Pro

I admit it, I am an average golfer. I’ve had a hard time reading greens, so I developed a product to help golfers do just that. Since introducing the BreakMaster Digital Green Reader, I have talked about green reading with literally hundreds of PGA Tour pros, PGA Tour Caddies, and Pros and Caddies on the LPGA, Champions Tour, Nationwide Tour, […]

The politics of boxing, still an inescapable part of the sport

Even in 2015, the back-and-forth stance is still frustratingly prevalent in the industry. Boxing is one of the oldest sports out there and as such has a lot of history, baggage, and in some ways old school ways. There are many unfair and unwanted stereotypes associated with sport regarding things like corruption and fixation, which in my opinion are totally […]

A brief history of Yahoo

In January 1994, two Stanford University Electrical Engineering graduate students created a website called “David and Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web.” Jerry Yang and David Filo created this website as a directory for other websites on the Internet. Their website offered a list of links that, when a keyword was entered, the one with the most visits appeared […]

Heisman Trophy: The race to claim the title of premier college football player is heating up

As the conference game approaches, each of the preseason Heisman hopefuls has lived up to our expectations of them or started their slow slide into obscurity. The player who emerges as the final winner will depend not only on his outstanding personal performances, but also on his team’s ability to consistently win soccer matches, especially the key matches in their […]