Football Game Online – NFL on the keyboard

The world of online gaming has gone through many stages of evolution, which seems to continue endlessly. There are many forms of soccer games online. In the United States, computer games based on the National Football League (NFL) are the most popular. Soccer, which is easily the most popular game on our planet, is not as popular as American football […]

Does the weather have an impact on Fantasy Football?

It will become that time of year when the weather can have an impact on real life NFL games. As a fantasy football coach, it is a concept that you simply cannot ignore. Yes, I will put it on the record and say so. Checking the weather reports is necessary as a factor in the process of setting up your […]

Badminton history and tradition

Badminton was invented in ancient Greece and Egypt as a form of sport. Badminton was originally a child’s game and was originally called “battledore” or “shuttlecock.” Originally, badminton was played with a feather shuttlecock back and forth with small rackets. During the 18th century in India, badminton was called “poona”. British Army officers who were stationed in India during this […]

What is spiritism, spiritism or psychic mediumship?

There have been some interesting discussions in all popular African religious forums regarding mediumship, spiritualism, and the differences between the methods used to communicate with the dead. See them below. What is a spiritist? I think for most this means a person who is a medium who can communicate with the dead and perhaps see, feel and hear them. And […]

Colorado and Miami share 25th anniversary this year, but little else

The two teams are almost poles apart, even beyond the two thousand miles that separate them geographically. One team made the postseason last year and is expected to do so again in 2018, while the other in another lengthy rebuild hasn’t tasted the playoffs in fifteen years. Colorado is consistently in the top ten clubs to attend, which means that […]

Fantasy Football Draft 2018 SZN

2018 Fantasy Footballers Draft Tips for Hardcore Newbies! Welcome Fantasy Football Fiends! The start of another wonderful NFL season is just around the corner, which means it’s close to #draftszn. After 6 long months, it’s time to take back that damn gold trophy that was taken from you when you crossed the goal line like the old Leon Lett … […]

Running and conditioning: golden words for soccer players

Running exercises are of great help Stamina is the name of the game when it comes to soccer, and running will help you build stamina. These exercises are meant to help you play your best throughout the game. Even with all these benefits, you will notice that most of the complaints in practice come from running drills. Just remember that […]

The tragic story of Eddie Gaedel

If you’ve had an interest in baseball for a while, you surely know the story of Eddie Gaedel. For those of you who haven’t heard of him and don’t know the story, Gaedel was a midget, three feet eight inches tall, who played a Major League Baseball game. Much is known of that day on August 19, 1951. Gaedel, 26, […]

Mighty Mighty and Twee’s top ten songs of all time.

Those of us who spent our teenage years perusing coffee-stained copies of The Catcher In The Rye or Tess of the d’Uberville while bitterly lamenting the fact that not a single girl in our school, college, or workplace had the Good sense to notice the painfully shy Bookworm sitting with his tongue tied at his side, often taking refuge in […]