Ness Notes for August 14

The Raiders and Vikings wrap up Week 1 of the NFL preseason with the debut of ESPN on MNF tonight in Minnesota at 8:00 ET. Home teams finished 11-4 SU but only 8-6-1 this first week and in a stat that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, 11 of the 15 games went down (I’m counting Saturday’s Saints/Titans game […]

Irresistible Trouville of Normandy, France

Situated on the beautiful Normandy coast and on the banks of the River Touques, Trouville is often associated and compared with its neighbor Deauville, which is located on the other side of the river. The city may have some similarities to its sister community, but the truth is that Trouville has a different vibe and identity. Although the full name […]

The truth about the spare rod – Pamper the child!

Many people believe that the Bible says that “Avoid the rod, spoil the child.” This adage persists, possibly due to its rhythmic cadence and symmetry. Many children have been injured as a result. Many parents have found a cruel streak. Many mothers have cried when they saw their husband hit their son; however, they did not dare to stop her […]

Zero to Hero by Kurek Ashley

homeless again However, in the last two months, he has made more financial wealth than he used to in 20 years. Sitting in his luxurious penthouse on the Sunshine Coast, he reflected on how things were for him in 1998. “I had walked away from the movie industry,” he said, “and here I was homeless again. One thing that happened […]

2008/09 comes to an end

Yes, Brazil’s winning squads and Germany’s Under 21 team will have barely cleaned and put away their winning football kits to preserve the memory of their winning goal, the football goes on. It seems that the season-ending break is getting shorter and shorter and with the summer of 2010 being a World Cup summer, there is an obvious desire to […]

IPL-2021: The last of the MSD?

The MSD of Indian and world cricket has been a phenomenon in terms of aggression but simple approach, skillful captaining in all three formats of the game, unorthodox right-handed batsman with raw but powerful strikes, one of the best examples in wicket keeping in Cricket world cup, one of the fastest runners between the wickets and always smiling and collected […]

Jimmy Clausen’s fall from the top 16 picks

Jimmy Clausen was once listed as the quarterback the Rams could take with the first overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. The draft will take place April 22-24. With a little less than a month to go before the 2010 draft, the teams that could pass up Jimmy Clausen appear to be outpacing the teams that could take him […]

Oregon Board Game Review

Game Overview Oregon is a western based themed game. We are back in the year 1846 when entire families left their home countries and headed west in search of a new start. Despite its western theme, you won’t find violence at all in Oregon. No shooting, no cowboys, and no sheriffs. You have to deal with other players in peace, […]

Cord – Learn the Basics

A lanyard allows you to secure or display an object at all times without having to carry it in your pocket or in your hands. These objects include small items such as a key, work badge, or identification card. A lanyard is usually made of rope, nylon, cotton, or polyester twill. There are other lanyards that are made of PVC, […]