MTV Music Video Awards

The Video Music Awards, also known as VMAs, have been hosted by MTV, which has also broadcast the ceremony live every year since 1984. They began as an alternative to the Grammy’s intention to target the youngest demographic in MTV viewers and focus. Its celebration and recognition is based more on the contributions and achievements of pop culture that appeal […]

Sports Psychology: What Are Olympians Really Like?

The 2012 Olympics garnered excellent television viewership ratings. Apparently, Americans were really drawn to this year’s games. The Olympics are a distraction from some of the economic and political unrest that seem to dominate the news most of the time. The Olympic Games also give rise to a feeling of pride and nationalism among fans and spectators around the world. […]

DirecTV vs. Dish Network

In the North American world of satellite television, there are only two major players in the high-tech field of satellite television. DirecTV and Dish Network. This revelation raises the next question, DirecTV vs. Dish Network, which one is right for me? Read the following article with your pen in hand. Use the information below to find out which service best […]

Former New York jet takes a chance on the PGA Tour

South Floridian, former New York Jet goes from the Gridiron to the Greens It’s hard to find two sports that are more polar opposites than golf and soccer, Stevie Anderson is arguing that there are some similarities between the two sports. Anderson, who spent five years completing acrobatic receptions in the National Football League (NFL), is connecting the dots between […]

How to spend the holidays

One question I get asked over and over again is how to spend the holidays. I’ve written other posts about it, but then it got me thinking that there really isn’t a “holiday season.” What I mean by that is that yes, there are holidays, but we have events throughout the year where we are faced with less than desirable […]

African Rooibos: Are Healthy Drinks Important For Your Kids?

When is the best time to teach our children what is good for them? Make an iced red rooibos tea and they might drink it without knowing it’s healthy. Tell them it’s healthy, let your kids see that something doesn’t have to taste “gross” to be good for them. It is a great responsibility to raise a child. You have […]

Where does badminton come from?

Badminton is popular all over the world, but especially in Asia. There seems to be a lot of misinformation about the origin of the sport, so I did some research and thought I could try to clear things up. In fact, it is quite a fascinating story. Many say that the English invented badminton, but we can actually trace it […]