What to expect from the iPhone 8

Apple is expected to launch the next generation of its iPhone series later this year. The new iPhone 8 series, if the rumors are correct, will be different in size and feel. digittimes quoted a source indicating that Apple will launch three models in different sizes. These include 4.7, 5.5 and 5.8 inches. The phones are expected to launch in […]

5 Tips to Make Your Magento Store Absolutely Mobile Ready

Mobile phones have become the preferred medium for online shopping. Shoppers are deliberately getting rid of desktops and laptops and taking to smartphones to buy things because they are more convenient. Therefore, with the mobile shopping revolution rapidly setting in, it has become imperative for eCommerce to optimize their stores for mobile views. However, while a sizeable number of online […]

How much does it cost to develop a mobile grocery delivery app?

“Oh thank goodness…groceries are delivered just in time, all thanks to my grocery delivery app.” We breathe a sigh of relief when we have such handy mobile apps for doing small household tasks like shopping. Especially in the Covid19 situation where we want there to be minimal exposure, these mobile grocery delivery apps are blessings in disguise. According to a […]

How to Rank Higher on Google With My Top 5 SEO Tips

If you’ve come across this article, you most likely want to rank higher on search engines, and in particular how to rank higher on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Well, here’s the good news first: you can! But of course, every good news comes with a downside, and it’s this: getting to the number 1 spot on Google takes a lot […]

Learn to talk like a hippie

Do you want to learn to talk like a hippie? The flower children of the 1960s invented dozens of countercultural words and expressions to describe their experiences and beliefs. Whether you’re planning a party to celebrate peace and love, or just want to learn a bit of hipster slang, here’s a short list of hippie words and expressions. Baby or […]

6 ways you can grow your creativity using technology

Have you ever wondered if you can grow your creativity using technology? You identify? Read on to find out. Here are some eye-catching ways: 1) Music composition Do you have a yearning for music? You can download tabs, lyrics and compose music with voice using the right software and play it at a concert while live as well. It will […]

GPT site reviews

Do you want to earn legitimate and easy money online? GPT or “Get Paid To” sites are on the rise. Whether you want to pay some bills, earn a little extra spending money, or want a full-time job from home, these sites can make that happen! If you want to make money online using these four sites, you can make […]

What price? Security over privacy: a slippery slope

How much privacy are we willing to give up to guarantee our security against possible terrorist attacks? Do we have a choice or has this line already been crossed? Have we become a “Big Brother” society? Much of our information is already available online to anyone interested in knowing where we live, our age, real estate information, and other personal […]

The Impacts of Internet TV and Radio on Nigerian Youth

There is a combination of communication increasing with the advent of the Internet in Nigeria through online radio and television. More and more young people are beginning to follow television and radio through the Internet due to its interactive nature. The news and the essence of life are followed more on the Internet by adolescents than in the main media, […]