Visit the Smoky Mountains

The Smoky Mountains have long been a desired tourist destination. With a rich heritage, beautiful scenery, and fresh mountain air, people from all over the world flock to see these beautiful mountains. There are many activities in and around Gatlinburg, Tennessee that appeal to all types of vacationers. Escape into the wilds of the Smokies for a backpacking adventure or […]

Travelocity deals overview: how to save on your next cruise or vacation

Go places around the world without breaking the bank by taking advantage of Travelocity deals. This comparative search engine helps travelers find the cheapest flights, best hotels, discount cruises, car rentals and more. The company believes that traveling should be an adventure. Even if you’re traveling for business, you can still create a neat and fun itinerary. There are over […]

Barbecues in Austin

Texas BBQ is legendary: slow-smoked meats served with or without sauce, with or without sides. Although Llano, Lockhart and Taylor boast the most storied barbecue grills in the state, Austin stands out with some amazing barbecue options. Whether keeping the bottom line of Texas BBQ, brisket or expanding to include sausage, pork ribs or chicken, barbecue lovers can find locals, […]

Visiting Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has some of the clearest waters and purest sandy beaches in the world. Aguadilla is no exception. Aguadilla, Puerto Rico is located in the uppermost northwestern part of the country. The city is almost 36 square miles. It houses the international airport of Aguadilla, one of the 12 commercial airports in the country. Aguadilla is easily accessible for […]

Personal Notes: On Becoming Lighthouse Innkeepers

We wanted to see if the lifestyle of a lighthouse innkeeper might be in our future. We organize a visit to East Brother Island and its popular light station located just 30 minutes from San Francisco. Join us, this could be your cup of tea. Where we are East Brother Island is located in San Pablo Bay, which connects to […]

Tips on Marketing a Luxury Home

When thinking about luxury real estate, you can expect to pay more than five hundred thousand dollars for a house. With the economic downturn behind us, the luxury housing market is booming once again. The market is now benefiting from the rising income levels of people along with their desire to own grand and luxurious residential space. It is just […]

Luxury, charm and beauty: Barbados is an exceptional destination for the best Caribbean vacations

Barbados stands out from other Caribbean islands; Geographically, it is the easternmost island of the Caribbean archipelago and is also one of the most successful tourist destinations in the region. Class, style, sophistication, beauty, entertainment, you name it…Barbados has it! This fascinating vacation destination is not only a favorite of many tourists and vacationers from all over the world, but […]

Panasonic DMP-B15K Portable Blu-ray Player Review

Panasonic’s DMP-B15K is the world’s first portable Blu-ray player. Released last year in 2009, the DMP-B15K at first glance may confuse some people. Many will think how the impressive visual quality of Blu-ray can be transferred to a small 8.9-inch screen. The answer is no; not very good anyway. But the point of the Panasonic DMP-B15K is to let you […]