Fun vacations in Puerto Rico

The best time to visit Puerto Rico Vacations is during the cool winter months, which also include hurricane season. Also, the weather at any time during November through April typically tends to be as low as 80, which is perfect for all those hoping to hit the cold and snow. Also, the sunny summer months tend to be a bit […]

Traveler’s foot can be athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is a fungus that spreads easily among unsuspecting travelers. By following a few simple tips, you can ensure you don’t contaminate your feet in your hotel room or at the barefoot spectacle known as airport security. Athlete’s foot is the most common fungal infection of the feet. Every day, podiatrists see people with feet that burn, itch, and […]

Hurricane Gustav cleanup begins

The nation has learned a lot since Hurricane Katrina made landfall in the city of New Orleans. A second monster, Hurricane Gustav, put the Gulf Coast on alert just three short years later. With the lessons learned still present, a mass exodus ensued. This time, there would be no Super Dome and no lackluster response. While people, government, and disaster […]

Celebrating Italian Heritage in East Harlem, New York: Part 2 of a 3-part series

Nonna and the importance of family Let’s not forget the traditional Sunday family gathering at Grandma’s house in the old quarter. Hmmm…delicious. The enticing aromas of freshly made pasta and homemade meatballs and sausages greeted you as you entered her kitchen. While they cooked, Grandma simmered her extraordinary homemade sauce in a skillet, adding basil and garlic. The nonna (an […]

Male Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery – The Physical Exam

Male revision rhinoplasty surgery is the most difficult and challenging procedure performed by facial plastic surgeons. Perfecting 3D nose surgery takes years to master and perhaps master. In rhinoplasty surgery, the minor rhinoplasty maneuvers we do today can lead to significant postoperative deformities three years from now. Many of us are taught that aggressive cartilage removal is a procedure of […]

What to do in New Orleans: a day by day guide

New Orleans is one of those magical places where there is always something to do. It is a city where fun is as important as work, with a culture that embraces this philosophy. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite things to do, per day, to make your time in New Orleans unforgettable. Monday: It’s tour-ific! Having a “Monday case” […]

An Introduction to New Car GPS Units

New car GPS units have revolutionized the way we think about the way we get around, the way we view our personal transportation needs, and the way vehicles are tracked. The use of car GPS units has transformed the automotive industry and the way many of us get around, and the sheer number of car GPS units available on the […]

The 10 commandments of the beach bum

oh can you feel it already? The invigorating smell of sea water, the cool, sticky breeze, the sun hitting your skin, the muffled sounds, the gentle ebb of life. Very few people can resist the lure of the beach. It’s fun to go on vacation without an agenda, without plans. For a few days of happiness, you can live the […]

Las Vegas Vacation: An Extraordinary Mix

Also considered the most entertaining and exciting city in the world, Las Vagas is a place that offers experiences and luxuries that define a complete vacation, Las Vegas Vacations. No place on earth will offer the wide range of luxuries that Las Vegas has to offer, including lavish casinos, live entertainment, fine dining, and various trade shows. Its beauty and […]

Top 3 rated hotels in Jammu

Located at the foot of the massive Himalayan range is Jammu, which serves as the winter capital for the state of Jammu and Kashmir. One of the most beautiful cities in North India, Jammu is part of the state that reflects its former glory. The city is best known for its temples and historical attractions, along with the legendary beauty […]