Old traditions of Malta

Malta is an island in the center of the Mediterranean. Its location gave Malta strategic importance throughout history. Malta is a favorite destination, popular for its climate, culture and history, and also for its endless number of beaches. Another aspect that makes Malta an interesting tourist experience is its unique ancient traditions. culinary traditions Malta has a unique cuisine and […]

Tennessee cabins make for a great vacation

No Tennessee vacation would be complete without staying in Tennessee cabins that could add to your great family vacation. The feature of a vacation cabin and family hotel suite to accommodate your large entourage will be unmatched, especially when the size we are referring to is in terms of spacious living room, full kitchen, and even a front porch or […]

Find holidays in Saint Lucia for the whole family at a great price

If you are tired of the same normally crowded Mediterranean and Caribbean tourist destinations like Spain and the Dominican Republic or Cancun, there are other more secluded and special places to explore on idyllic tropical islands like St. Lucia. Famous for being the number one romantic destination in the Caribbean, having been featured on the American reality show The Bachelor, […]

How do you do laundry in an RV?

Living in an RV full-time presents many challenges, and laundry can be one of them depending on your budget and needs. While leaving the house behind and living on the road generally reduces your household chores and frees up more time to do the things you enjoy, doing laundry may be an exception. We personally have three children with us […]

Achieving good quality catering in schools

Today, the quality of the food that children eat is under constant surveillance. If a government health watch doesn’t keep track of what schools are serving, you can bet parents and the seemingly ubiquitous Jamie Oliver will make sure people find out about the poor quality of catering offered at schools. schools. This means it’s important, now more than ever, […]

Welcome to the Bahamas, the land of beaches!

Do you think the Bahamas is the land of beaches? Of course it is. The Bahamas, an English-speaking nation in the Caribbean Sea, is the only country in the Americas that has 700 islands and 2,300 rocky islets and reefs, but thanks to this it has more beaches and natural pools than the Dominican Republic, Portugal, France and others. nations. […]

San Juan Puerto Rico

San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico, a popular tourist destination island in the Caribbean. The city of San Juan was founded in 1521 and is known as La Ciudad Amurallada, that is, the walled city. San Juan is the largest natural harbor in the Caribbean and the second oldest city in the Americas. The city is a major […]

haute cuisine restaurants

Fine dining refers to the cuisine and service provided in restaurants where food, drink, and service are expensive and usually leisurely. Turnover per table can be less than a year per night. Many of the clients are there for a special occasion, such as a wedding or birthday. Many clients bring business guests and write off the cost of the […]

Top Cheapest Cruise Destinations

Cruise destinations do not always have to be very expensive. There are a number of cruise destinations that you can travel to cheaply. There are many cruises that offer competitive rates to make your dream of sailing to some of the most fascinating places come true. Alaska This is one of the most popular cruise destinations in the country. You […]