Today, more than ever, celebrities are rushing to tattoo parlors in an effort to express themselves. Body art has become an accessory for many, such as teacup dogs and expensive purses. The number of celebrities with tattoos is on the rise. In the old days, it was predominantly metal and punk rockers and athletes who were heavily inked.

Today, ink can be found on the bodies of celebrities, from the catwalk to the small screen, the red carpet, and the big screen. However, not all celebrities follow the advice of choosing the right tattoo that they will not regret one day. Therefore, as the number of celebrities getting tattooed increases, so does the number of regrets and tattoo removal.

One of the main reasons people, including celebrities, go to see a laser tattoo removal specialist is because they have the name of a former lover inked on their body or because they may have matching tattoos inspired by a former. There are many examples of celebrities who have regretted a tattoo for this reason alone. Their tattoos have been removed by laser tattoo treatments or lightened to cover up their unwanted tattoos.

Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton. Angelina had Billy Bob’s name tattooed on her arm, while Billy Bob had Angelina’s name inked on her biceps. They were married for 3 years and then they got divorced. Angelina settled on laser tattoo removal to lighten her tattoo and a cover-up tattoo shortly after her divorce and had her children’s birthplaces dyed in the same spot. Billy Bob also settled on a cover-up solution. It had Angelina’s name covered with an angel and the word “peace.”

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen. Denise decided to get Charlie tattooed on her ankle, while Charlie got Denise tattooed on her wrist. They got married and then got divorced. Denise had her “Charlie” tattoo transform into a fairy, while Charlie had her “Denise” laser removed.

Tom Arnold and Roseanne Barr. Tom tops the list of most ex tattoos. He had 4 tattoos of Roseanne, his wife at the time, including a portrait of her on his chest. Roseanne had a “Property of Tom Arnold” tattooed on her hip. Once divorced, Tom had all of his tattoos laser removed. Roseanne chose to cover up her “Tom” tattoo.

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline. After a brief courtship, they decided to get married and also get matching tattoos. They both had dice tattooed on their arms, Britney’s dice were pink while Kevin’s were blue. Once their relationship sizzled and they were no longer seen together, both sets of dice disappeared as well with laser tattoo removal.

Nick Carter and Paris Hilton. They were together for only a short period of 7 months when these two love birds got each other’s names tattooed on their bodies. Nick had “Paris” tattooed on his wrist while “Paris” had Nick tattooed on his butt. Paris had the tattoo laser removed shortly after getting the tattoo. Nick decided to cover his “Paris” with a skull and the phrase “Old habits are hard to die.”

Some other celebrities who have gotten their love inking their skin include Pamela Anderson, Kathy Griffin, and Johnny Depp. Pamela Anderson had “Tommy” inked on her ring finger when they were together and then changed it to read “Mommy” after they broke up. Kathy Griffin also had a wedding ring inked on her finger when she got married. Later, when she got divorced, she decided it was time for her tattoo laser to be removed. Johnny Depp, who fell madly in love with Winona Ryder, had no problem showing his love for her by getting “Winona Forever” tattooed on his chest, only to later change it to “Wino Forever” after his love faded.

Having a lover’s name, face, symbol, or matching tattoos are not the only tattoos celebrities have that they regret. They have also been guilty of obtaining certain images or sayings that represented who they were at a certain point in their lives. Tommy Lee and Tony Danza got tattoos at an early age that no longer represented who they are and therefore they sought laser tattoo removal. Tommy Lee had a swastika inked on his rib cage. He decided to remove the tattoo so that it would no longer hamper his image. Tony Danza got “Keep on Truckin” tattooed on his body during his youth. He settled on laser tattoo removal soon after it was first available.

Two rappers whose images are widely known and recognized for their ink, Pharrell Williams and 50 Cent, are undergoing laser tattoo removal treatments. They are both looking for other opportunities besides being rap stars and both believe that removing their tattoos will enhance their images. Even with all the musical talent and fame these two stars have, 50 cent acting aspirations are shattered or she spends up to 4 hours covering her tattoos with makeup to make a movie scene. Pharrell is in the process of designing a clothing line and wants to be taken as a serious entrepreneur.

Whether these celebrities got tattoos when they were young, in love, or simply because of their love of tattoos, they all regretted tattoos and did something about it. Tattoos that were previously thought to be permanent can be removed with laser tattoo removal treatments or even lightened with laser tattoo removal treatments and then covered with a new tattoo.

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