Whether you’re a professional contractor or just an occasional woodworker, this DEWALT DW716 15-Amp 12-Inch Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw will be one of the best saws you’ll ever see.

Very powerful 15.0 amp motor producing 3600 RPM (revolutions per minute). That ensures power, versatility, and exceptional durability for everyone who uses it. The flexibility and wide range of features make this miter saw easy to use, especially if you make frequently used miter cuts.

With double bevel feature and extra high fence, this compound miter saw provides unmatched performance. The DeWalt DW716 Miter Saw has an adjustable miter tooth plate made of stainless steel that has 11 positive stops for the most common cuts. That makes your job much faster and easier because it is easy to position the blade very quickly.

What can be cut with the DeWalt DW716 miter saw?

  • Wood
  • Hardwood
  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Stone
  • Brig
  • Photo frames
  • fine furniture

Plus, this compound miter saw is relatively lightweight—it only weighs about 44 pounds. If you want some kind of portable miter saw, this one is great because it has a built in handle for that.

Another very useful feature is the LED light that illuminates the area and casts a shadow where the blade will cut. In some cases, this is better than lasers because lasers are hard to see on the Sun and can also be misaligned. However, if you really want laser, you can buy it separately.

good sides

  • Precision
  • sustainability
  • built-in handle
  • carbide blade
  • Led lights
  • clean cuts
  • safe to use
  • Fairly smooth and powerful

bad sides

The only bad side I can think of is that you need to spend around 20 minutes to calibrate it out of the box. However, that helps you get familiar with the tool, so it’s not really a problem. Also, the lack of lasers could be considered a negative side if there were no LED lights. Fortunately, LED lights work better than lasers in most cases and provide greater precision.

Overall, this specific miter saw is definitely one of the best miter saws out there on the market today. Also, by purchasing this DeWalt DW713 Miter Saw there is no chance that you will make a mistake. As far as I know, most of the reviews I’ve read online are mostly good or great and very few have anything bad to say about this saw.

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