Humiliations, failure; It is every day from birth to death. Alan has criticized his thousand freckles. A baby cries and does not get milk right away, fails. Eighty-year-old Elizabeth loses all her savings in a stock market crash, a failure. Think that the skin is necessary from the beginning to protect children from the harsh blows of life.

Let’s make sure we know how to make the best thick skin for your kid before we get to the tips.

All parents know that children are very sensitive to having their feelings hurt. This interior part It is where parents should begin to develop a child’s thick skin, making the child feel strong about himself on the inside. But don’t let him think that he is better than the others; that requires teaching humility.

Then there is the outer part, the part that gives the best responses to people when put-downs occur. Responses should be forceful but not hurtful. This can be tricky, but it is doable.

Now for the three tried and tested tips.

1. Teach self-esteem inside. Focus on strengths, especially during discipline. By the time your child is two years old, write down all of your child’s strengths and find ways to note them daily. When your child yells at you for limiting texting time, say, “It’s amazing I have so many friends, but we need to set limits for texting.” Inner strength is the foundation for a proper thick skin.

two. Teach thick skin responses outdoors. Provide your child with coping tools and practice daily. Make sure your child can tell you anything from the beginning. Liz sobs at the dinner table about her first day of high school; two kids said her dress looked silly. Follow these two steps: (1) listen to and validate your inner feelings (build inner worth) and (2) act on outer responses. Teach her to say, “I really like my dress” while confidently turning around. Thick skin comes with practice.

3. Teach compassion and humility.the blood of true happiness. Caring for others combined with “you are as important as I am” is a recipe for an abundant life. Showing and saying will activate your child’s inner wiring of compassion. Examples: Schedule a monthly afternoon to help an elderly couple. Or, when your teen rants about how bad the teacher is, point out how the teacher lost her father in a car accident and how that can cause irritability.

Your child needs thick skin to live life to the full. Make sure your main ingredient is compassion.

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