How much money do you need in your Arbonne business to quit your job? For many, $ 5,000 a month is a magic number. How do you make $ 5,000 a month at Arbonne? You must become a regional vice president with a strong, well-balanced organization. You want multiple district managers to make at least $ 2,500 a month and multiple area managers to make at least $ 10,000 a month in volume.

Example: How to make $ 5,000 a month at Arbonne

Your money at Arbonne increases with each level of promotion.

Central district level: You can earn around $ 1,400 in your Central District each month when you have $ 5,000 in volume, sell 2-4 RSVPs, sell around $ 1,500, and sell around $ 1,500 to preferred customers.

Executive district level: If you have three $ 2,500 districts in your executive district, you will get an additional $ 390, bringing you up to $ 1,800 and $ 12,500 in volume.

Area level: Just by becoming an Area Manager, you will earn almost $ 500 more on the volume you have already earned.

Executive Area Level: When you have three $ 10,000 Volume Areas in your Executive Area, you will earn another $ 1,170. He now has a volume of $ 42,500, which meets the minimum volume required to hold the position of Regional Vice President. At this point, you’ve made about $ 3,500. How much more work is there to get to $ 5,000? None, because your Central Region is nothing more than your Central Area and all of its promoted Areas.

Regional Vice President level: No more volume needed, you get an extra $ 829 in revenue and an $ 800 car bonus! This brings your total compensation to just over $ 5,000 per month. And you’re driving a new white Mercedes with part of it.

How long does it take to get to the regional vice presidency? According to the 2007 Independent Consultant Survey published by Arbonne, consultants take on average just over 3 years to be promoted to RVP.

But be careful! You can be a regional vice president and earn nothing close to $ 5,000! You should maximize your Central District profits with retail, Preferred Customer, and RSVP. It also needs to be wide to get paid for its depth.

Quitting your job and making $ 5,000 a month at Arbonne is doable. You need a strong, balanced organization to propel you to regional vice president.

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