For the most part, I think spells can be a valuable way to “act out” your anger, resentment, bitterness, or jealousy. The very act of casting a spell can make a person feel powerless or victimized, at least briefly, because at that point he is in control of the situation again. I have found the following “freezer” spells to be quite satisfying, if you find yourself in some way abandoned, downtrodden, or just wishing some kind of psychological torture would stop. I’m not entirely sure if these spells or not, but when someone does me wrong, the first thing that comes to mind is the icy inside of my refrigerator.

I love these spells because they fall into the category of cheesy, trailer trash wiccanary spells and because they originate from such an emotional, passionate and ancient style of witchcraft. But at the same time they are very modern because they make use of the fridge. Technically too, they fall into the category of black magic because they are revenge spells and represent the desire to control another person.

Being something of a collector and connoisseur of cheesy spells, trailer trash wiccanary and any ritual that allows you to “act out your feelings” without necessarily hurting anyone, I thought I’d share them with you because they are some of my favorites. Some of them come from Lexa Rosean, author of Supermarket Sorceress, who is a master of Kitchen Witchery. Still, I think the point of a freezing spell is to start with the basics and then make it your own. I know a natural witch (in fact, a famous Canadian singer) who doesn’t know anything about freezing spells, but whenever she gets mad at someone, she writes her name on a little piece of paper, twists it up and throw in the freezer. to “make it stop!” I discovered this one day when she was fumbling in her freezer for some ice cream and a jumble of little pieces of paper fell on the floor. When I asked her about it, she told me that her intuition had told her to put people “on ice.”

The essence of a freezing spell is a matter of timing. The idea is to stop something in its tracks. Frieza’s spells also fall into the category of binding spells, as their purpose is often to paralyze a criminal. They are used for protection, but mostly for REVENGE! Here are some of my favorites.

THE BASIC ICE CUB TRAY SPELL: This is an all-purpose one and what I like is that you can use magic ingredients to sweeten or sour the mix before you throw it in the freezer. Basically, you take twelve pieces of paper and write the names of twelve people or situations that have not been very nice to you or that have annoyed or done you wrong. Think of twelve people who have been hostile to you, or who have a bad attitude toward you, or who have been an obstacle to what you want in your life or career. Now stick these twelve papers in the compartments of the ice buckets and add a little sugar or honey to sweeten their attitude towards you.

You can also add a few other things if you like: a little dill or parsley powder to improve communication, orange water for joy, or rose water to increase loving vibes. Then you fill the rest of the tray with water and put it in the freezer. I like this spell because it’s relatively innocent and it’s persuading others to think of you kindly and not hurt you. A more vindictive version of this spell would be to add substances such as vinegar (to sour your experiences), cigarette ashes (to cause depression), or horseradish (to cause arguments).

If your resentment is directed towards a particular individual, perhaps a man who has left you for someone else, you might consider doing this IMPOTENCE spell. While shopping for cucumber at your local greengrocer, try to find one that looks like your ex’s real member when erect. At least this will make you laugh. Then carve your name and date of birth into the pulp of the cucumber and throw it in the freezer. He’ll start to soften and shrivel up after a few weeks, and while this is happening, imagine him and the sweet young lady who betrayed you having conversations like “I swear this has never happened to me before.” “Okay I understand.”

However, the ultimate freezing spell, in terms of sheer evil, is this BREAK THEM UP freezing spell where you write the names of the offending couple on a piece of paper (if you don’t know the name of the person getting in the way, write “a stranger”). rival”) You put the papers in a tupperware along with a piece of rotten fish, fill it with water and freeze it. Fish are symbols of fertility and happiness, so the ultimate goal of this ritual is for the two lovers to disconnect each other. One person who tried this spell told me that she burst out laughing when her boyfriend came back to her and complained that her new lover had terrible BO. I haven’t tried it, but says it worked. Lexa Rosean also boasts of success with this.

I can’t guarantee these spells will work, but if you’re too cowardly to perform any real revenge (like turning the person into the IRS), these little rituals at least satisfy the desire for “little revenge.”

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