Google is still the number one search engine and they own YouTube. That means adding videos to your affiliate marketing strategy will increase your influence on Google Search.

Even if you put the same information in an article that you put in a video, people tend to trust you more if you put it in a video. The reason is that when you communicate with a video, especially if you appear in the video yourself, they tend to believe that you know what you are saying. They can see your body language, hear the tone of your voice and that helps them trust you more.

review videos

Review posts that have a genuine air of authority and a ring of truth are the perfect context to place an affiliate product link to earn commission.

You should only review products you are familiar with and your reviews should be as honest as possible. Otherwise, you will start to gain a reputation for being willing to promote any old crap, which will damage your position as an expert in your niche.

Review videos are good if you’re short on time and want to express your opinion without having to write a lot. However, make sure to use keywords in the video title and a video description.

Videos are also a useful promotional tool that can generate a lot of traffic if you post them on YouTube and Facebook.

Tutorials and demo posts and videos

These are very popular because they really show the product in action. People will even watch “unboxing videos” in which a person orders something online and films himself opening the box when he arrives.

However, tutorials and demo videos can be much more helpful, especially if the item is expensive or complicated.

People love tips, advice and tricks from the experts to get the most out of what they buy. Many customers also love the “quick start” guides that can help them get started almost from the moment they open the box. Therefore, videos of this nature are ideal for stimulating affiliate sales.

You can also create quick start guides, checklists and/or cheat sheets that they can download if they sign up for your customer list before they go shopping. It doesn’t cost much to create these bonuses, but they can really help you position yourself as an expert in your niche.

Write a script of what you want to show in each video you create. Try to produce high-quality videos, not tacky home movies. Add interesting elements that show your personality – people do business with people they like.

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