I tried calling him and he never answers the phone. I tried texting him and he never answered my texts. I tried to email him and he never replied to any of my emails.

Are you ignoring me now? What should I do so that he doesn’t ignore me?

Isn’t that a very stressful experience for you?

Well, there really is no need to be too stressed about this situation. If your boyfriend is ignoring you right now, leave him alone. Just because your boyfriend is ignoring you now doesn’t mean he’s going to ignore you in a month.

There are many possible reasons why your boyfriend chooses to ignore you.

One possible reason is that he may be angry with you. If that’s the case, just give him time for his anger to cool down.

Another possible reason is that he is extremely upset and emotional. Therefore, he does not pay to see you. Maybe he’s not ready to see you yet. He just give her some time and space to recover from the breakup.

Don’t keep calling him. Don’t keep texting him. Don’t keep sending him emails. Don’t keep leaving him voicemails.

In fact, doing these things can make the situation worse. Why is it so?

Well, because when you do all of these things, you’re actually telling your boyfriend that you’re desperate. If you want your boyfriend back, you must not show any signs of desperation.

What you need to do now is stop contacting your boyfriend for about a month. You can try to contact him again after a month.

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