Do you want sculpted and toned abs? Read this article and find out how isometric abs exercises can give you a ripped and sculpted midsection in just seconds.

Doing isometric abs exercises can quickly help you to have a slim, flat abdomen, as well as perfect abs. When it comes to exercising the abdominal area, it is not advisable to increase the size of the muscles. All you get from doing stomach exercises incorrectly is a bigger waistline.

And that’s exactly what we all don’t want, isn’t it?

This is why Iso Tension exercises for your abs are probably one of the best ways to exercise your stomach area.

Isometric abs exercises focus on three aspects of abs and core training. Additionally, the isometric easily targets three major muscle groups that make up your entire midsection.

  • 1. Transverse abdomen (these are the actual muscles that keep the stomach taut, contracted, and flat).
  • 2. Obliques (these are the lateral abdominal muscles, generally known as love handles when covered in fat. You should not over-train this particular muscle group as this will add more girth to your waist).
  • 3. Rectus Abdominus (these are the actual muscles that make up your abs)

The fantastic advantage that isometric has over any other exercise protocol is that it doesn’t take long, in fact, if you were doing freehand isometric exercises, you shouldn’t hold the isometric contraction for more than a few seconds.

If you are using an Iso exerciser or Iso exercise equipment, you have the advantage of being able to train with both repetitions and iso tension.

Here’s an easy Stomach Iso-Tension exercise that you can perform at your desk at work or at home. (Note that you will get faster results if you use some type of progressive resistance exercise equipment, such as resistance bands, isometric exercise equipment, or dumbbells.)

1. Sit comfortably in your chair with your back straight.

2. Take a deep breath and at the same time squeeze your stomach tightly (suck on your stomach).

3. Keeping the stomach suctioned, the stomach muscles are tense as much as possible.

4. When you begin to feel your abdominal muscles begin to tremble … exhale while maintaining the isometric contraction.

5. Relax

This is how simple an isometric abs exercise can be. So don’t wait, try it now while reading this article. It only takes a few seconds.

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