Delaware, USA: OmnichannelCommerce has released a seamless integration between the Vend POS system and various eCommerce shopping cart platforms. This two-way integration makes it easy to upload inventory and download web orders through an automated process. Two-way automatic synchronization is controlled and managed by Scheduler.

The integration, released by OmnichannelCommerce, helps manage in-store and web store operations as a unified platform. Unified integration helps ensure stock levels are kept up-to-date and that there are no overselling across all sales channels.

“Our mission is to enable all sizes of retailers and brands to sell online while minimizing their manual inventory management efforts,” one of the company’s top executives reported in a recent interview. “The integration paves the way for thousands of Vend POS users who want to reach the growing number of electronic shoppers in Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and the US region,” he added.

The integrated solution is a ready-to-use integration between the Vend HQ POS System and the world’s top-tier shopping cart platforms, including Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify, and Bigcommerce. The company has also developed Vend’s two-way integration with major Amazon and eBay marketplaces, and niche markets such as Souq, Fancy, Farfetch, and SmartEtailing.

“With the launch of Vend’s e-commerce integration, retailers can easily map and move data between various fields such as SKU, description, stock, pricing, and images,” shared information from another senior executive at the company. “By downloading the web orders in Vend, it brings the order details and customer information to aid the order fulfillment process,” he added.

Simply put, Omnichannel’s Vend ecommerce integration enables brick-and-mortar stores to sell more products in local and global markets efficiently. Eliminate manual data entry; no more copy and paste. It helps to manage all your products in one place. Automatically syncs product information across all physical markets and stores, while increasing customer satisfaction. Omnichannel’s Vend integration also supports bulk listings, products with variations such as size, color, and range, image upload, and accurate stock update via scheduled data transfer, web orders are automatically downloaded to POS.

About OmnichannelCommerce:
OmnichannelCommerce, HQ in Delaware, USA With development and support center in INDIA, is a team of talented eCommerce professionals with over 18 years of experience exclusively building eCommerce applications and multi-channel integrations for various systems POS, companies, strategic channel partners, POS. and users of e-commerce stores. Therefore, the integration of a point of sale system with various shopping cart and marketplace platforms is also our main passion and competence.

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