The lack of numerous situations is what destroys a good relationship between a married couple…

Communicating determines listening, speaking and resolving difficulties that present differences. Finding solutions no matter the problem, communication is the only way to resolve concerns.

Lack of communication detrimentally destroys a marriage that has any chance of survival.

Consideration and commitment are needed to achieve a good marriage, do not allow selfishness to determine the way you relate to your partner, the disinterested couple is left with fear, sadness and loneliness.

Jealousy can destroy the intimate moments of the soul of marriage. It attracts unhealthy thoughts and worries that are not present. From the beginning, you manifest thoughts that lead to a lack of confidence. Your thoughts are infested with self-victimization; with self-inflicted wounds of what if; So what if, live to the fullest. Enjoy every moment you share together.

Many of us are flirtatious by nature; share the love and always put your partner first and be careful about the effect and feelings of your partner. Although it may seem innocent; You are authorizing your partner to feel neglected, unloved, and worried about the relationship. By accumulating, fears embed lack of trust in the mind, which in turn destroys a loving marriage.

Whining is one of the main conflicts in marriage. Good communication skills are always attributed to the delivery of your message.

Nagging is also a destructive mechanism in marriage.

Sexual activity is very lucrative in a good marriage. Lack of sexual activity will eventually tarnish your marriage. Being tired or not feeling is understandable and excusable, when it is not abused. If you and your partner lack communication, your sex life will die soon after. It’s only a matter of time before your partner seeks love, attention, and lust from another source.

Lack of attention and carelessness can make your partner feel like you don’t care anymore. Which will then let your partner keep things to themselves and not discuss issues. This will lead to an unhappy marriage and unresolved concerns.

The frugal way of life is always useful. Money is a concern for many; don’t let it destroy your marriage. Money situations can also create many problems in a marriage. Be sure to discuss any money issues, find solutions, and commit together.

Communication is the key to a beneficial and lasting friendship and marriage. A true marriage forever.

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