Book Review: Tales from the Other Side by Paul Corson

Paul Corson’s “Tales from the Other Side” was designed as a companion piece to his “Reclaiming Paradise: Forming a New Worldview, Knowing God and Traveling Into Eternity.” While the books are strong enough to be independent readings, when taken together, their message is elevated to the next level. But first of all, a few words about “Regaining Paradise”. This daring […]

Weight Loss Exercises for Women

Of the two sexes, male and female, women definitely got the shorter end of the stick when it comes to losing weight. Women lose weight at a slower rate than men because they have a slower metabolism and tend to store more fat. I know, I know, this is unfair; a man can gobble up hotwings during a game and […]

What is Virtual Scrum and how is it applied?

Virtual Scrum is an educational tool used to help teach scrum methodology to university students in the field of software engineering. Because this has become a widely used agile practice in the software industry, it is important that students become familiar with this experience in a practical way. The ISISTAN-CONICET Research Institute located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, developed a virtual […]

Types of women’s sweaters

Women’s sweaters have come a long way from their traditional look. In the past, sweaters were always floor-length, traditional, and made with a cotton material. Now, they are manufactured in all kinds of materials and in all kinds of styles. Below are different types of women’s sweaters and different ways to wear them. Floor Length Jumper: This is the traditional […]

Is a Yorkshire Terrier the perfect dog for you?

The combination of a few small terrier breeds created the original rodent control engineers for the mines and factories of Yorkshire, England. Yorkshire Terriers are the epitome of yin and yang rolled into one. Their keen hearing, independent nature, and tenacity make them a fearless warrior, protecting their home and family one minute and a lovable bunny the next. They […]

7 insider secrets you need to know to build visitor trust

If there’s a dazzling, all-encompassing one that hits you in the face, you better get it right, something that’s more important now than ever is this: confidence. If trust is the new money, then your reputation is the bank account. In the new world, your clients have the same information overload as you, but they also have limitless options from […]

Myrtle beach here we go

Whenever our family is planning a trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, it’s like the night before Christmas all over the house. Usually we start packing like former Baltimore football team the Colts. Under cover of darkness we loaded the vehicle with fishing gear, coolers, luggage, some sandwiches and lemonade. Even though it’s only a 7 hour drive from the […]