Okay, so you and your friends are playing your Xbox 360, and all of a sudden the screen you’re looking at starts showing some strange images. Graphics are choppy and start to turn into green squares. You think it might be a problem with the A / V cable, so don’t worry too much at first.

Turn off your system and check the A / V cables to make sure they are connected properly. When you turn on your Xbox 360, you think everything should be fine, but a blinking red light on your console says otherwise. Your Xbox 360 has a blinking red light and says error E74.

You tried calling 1-800-4myxbox and they were not helpful. They tell you that they only fix Xbox consoles with the red light 3 error. So what do you do?

Your E74 error is most likely caused by a bad chip near the A / V cable connection. Getting a new cable may help, but is not 100% guaranteed. If you have changed the A / V cables and are still suffering from this problem, then you need to go into the console and get to the hardware to fix it.

You can do this easily and inexpensively by getting an Xbox 360 repair guide. The repair guide will give you step-by-step instructions along with videos on how to fix the E74 error code permanently. Fixing error code E74 yourself at home is the fastest way to eliminate these problems from your Xbox, and an Xbox 360 repair guide will show you how.

The only other options you have to resolve option E74 is to buy a new Xbox 360 or send it to Microsoft. Buying a new Xbox 360 that will simply develop the same problems is pointless, and shipping it to MIcrosoft will take up to 5 weeks until you see your Xbox 360 again. A repair guide is inexpensive and will allow you to correct error code E74 and resume playback in one hour.

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