While Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, there is great diversity there, from the hand-painted rickshaws that dot the streets of Dhaka, to the longest beach in the world, seventy-five miles, in From the part Bangladesh’s southernmost point in Chittagong, to the jungles that still host the Bengali tiger in the west, and the tea farms in the north, Bangladesh is home to a friendly and hospitable people and a most interesting destination.

Summer day in Bangladesh

Staring down at the sand below my feet, winding slowly


embers, on the Bengali beach;

the sky reflects pools of water, liquid mirror,

dancers in the heat of summer;

like an old song

like the beat of an Indian drum,

liquid street

calling gentle,

undulating waves;

small daughter,

polished golden jade skin, friendly waves

greet the earth,

outstretched hands rolling;

Sunburned child

tanned tanned dark skin, jumps up and down,

cool, wet sand;

Nobody knows


so many people here on the beach today; aligning

white foam surfing, Bangladesh, spring / summer waves

Cox Bazaar

far away from de beach

as you can possibly see with the naked eye

Bangladesh orange sun,

like a burning summer fruit,

Burning like smoky fire

like the last goodbyes of a Chinese dragon;

Bengali girl

he bends down to take a shell with his tender hand

try to understand

the unfolding drama

in the throbbing, throbbing river land of Bangladesh;

Music, with sincerity, passion, simplicity;


love like an innocent flower;

tragedy, destiny, hatred, hope;


looking out to the ocean, dhaka drama

the perpetual burning without end,

swirl movement;

Sylhet Tea Pickers

at the end of the day, my back bent,

dead tired;

Hot sun in the back sack

tea-black charcoal;

Long days-

tired, waiting to rest, Bengali poetic talk-

smiling, laughing and half bearded faces;

waves drawing footprints

In the burning sand of summer, Bangladesh calls,

The summer plan unfolds gradually.

End of poem

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