oh can you feel it already? The invigorating smell of sea water, the cool, sticky breeze, the sun hitting your skin, the muffled sounds, the gentle ebb of life. Very few people can resist the lure of the beach.

It’s fun to go on vacation without an agenda, without plans. For a few days of happiness, you can live the life of a beach bum. But you have to remember that being a beach bum is an art form. The beach will be your home, and you have to live it in the best possible way. If you have no idea how to live the Beach Bum life, then I suggest you start learning these commandments, because with them, you can’t go wrong.

1. You will choose the perfect beach.

It’s not that hard actually. Baja California in Mexico is one of the most diverse and beautiful places to beachcome. The beaches are of fine white sand, the seafood is divine and there are plenty of bars and clubs to party the night away. It doesn’t hurt that it’s located close to the border, making it extremely accessible for those who live in the California and San Diego area. If you fancy more high-class beaches, head to Hawaii, Ibiza, or even the French Riviera. The point is to pick a beach you can own.

2. You will not peel or burn.

Nothing ruins a perfect day in the sun like sunburned, peeling skin. Refrain from looking like a bad paint job and get yourself some sunscreen ASAP! There’s nothing wrong with slathering on the lotion, you’ll thank us years later when you’re not dying of skin cancer.

3. You will carry light luggage.

In fact. Are you at the beach. All you need are bikinis or shorts. What else do you need? Well, maybe you can pack for the night party at the bar. But you don’t need tons of clothes for that. Light pack. In the hot sun, that’s all you’ll want to wear anyway.

4. You will eat well.

And by right, we mean a lot. Seafood. Take advantage of your proximity to the beach. Get in touch with the taste of marina. Try all kinds of fish, lobster, shrimp, clams, oysters. There are so many tastes and textures and flavors to enjoy from the seas. It doesn’t have to be a gourmet dinner. A simple meal of fish cooked over an open fire will provide you with gastronomic delights that you never imagined.

5. You will learn to surf.

Oh, come on. Don’t tell me you can’t resist riding the waves. Not even once? When you’re on top of that surfboard, it’s going to be an exhilarating experience. Plus, all that rowing will help you shed those pounds you’ve gained by enjoying the island’s fresh cuisine. Try your hand at surfing, many beaches have shops that offer lessons for beginners. Just don’t come after us when you first experience deletion.

6. You will make a bonfire on the beach.

At least for one night on the beach, build a fire and spend a relaxing night under the stars. Gather your friends or get closer to your sweetheart. Toast some marshmallows or drink a couple of beers. It is a guaranteed activity that you will never forget.

7. You will party all night.

Find the hottest spot in the area and dance the night away! It’s great to meet new friends and drop it all. Just be careful and you will have the time of your life.

8. You will mingle with the locals.

Get some culture on your system. It’s fun to learn about local traditions, customs and culture in general. You’ll get tips on living in the area, and you can even get the inside scoop on good shopping on the island and save a fortune by avoiding tourist prices.

9. You will need to take lots and lots of pictures.

You know what they say: “If we don’t see pictures, it didn’t happen.”

10. You will have the best fun possible.

If we need to explain this, then you’re too stuffy to be a beach bum.

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