Technology is one of those inventions of scientists that evolve every hour. Only a few decades ago, computers required air conditioning and were kept in a special environment to run smoothly. Today, machines and devices are developed with the harshest conditions in mind; They are durable and can withstand extreme conditions like dust, temperature, and even water. Furthermore, a lot of research is being done to develop a cyborg with all possible efficiencies.

Internet of Things, or better known as IoT, has revolutionized the way communication between humans and machines occurs. Furthermore, the invention of machine learning (ML) has induced artificial intelligence in devices making them think like humans. Next-generation IoT machines and devices would have intelligence, empathy, and even decision-making power; A future cyborg is knocking on doors and is about to enter the human world.

With advancement come threats and risks, and the IoT is more risky. Each machine or device with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities would develop its own brain, which, in turn, will help them make decisions for themselves. Many Hollywood movies have focused on the evil intelligence of machines and their quest to conquer the entire human race. And this is not fiction!

IoT: a digital thriller

Internet of Things: A Digital Thriller is one of those novels that reveals the threats and risks that the Internet of Things can bring. Machines and devices are automatic and learn from the activities that occur around them. They further develop next-generation artificial intelligence and artificial empathy to gain confidence. While ancient machines are under human control, Super Artificial Intelligence (SAI) would allow them to overwrite human commands. Ultimately, devices with such enormous power would begin to make a deadly conspiracy that is difficult to detect or track.

The protagonist is a software engineer in New York who heads the project called OmniSmart where all the machines, motors and devices are filled with great artificial intelligence and empathy. Due to certain incidents, IoT members start to behave strangely and eventually go unruly.

Such a story gives everyone a lesson on how to stop horses and think before making powerful and all-powerful machines. Although we have invented weaker artificial intelligence to date, if the devices have their self-learning ability to transform into super artificial intelligence, it would be difficult for humans to control them. The story of the novel offers a deep insight into the technological advancement sought by humans in engaging humanity.

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