As the people of the world expect, Apple, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary, launched the strongest flagship series of iPhone: the iPhone X. After a moment, that cutting-edge high-performance iPhone 8, as if to become an abandoned child in last. On the iPhone X pre-sale open day, millions of people around the world are staring in a daze at the collapse of Apple’s official website in those few hours. Please wait until we finally enter the page, cry and scream excitedly and then we find out that the delivery time has become 5-6 weeks. In other words, even if the order is scheduled now, the delivery time is already in December.

However, the price of this smartphone is as high as $ 999. Why are so many people fighting for such an expensive cell phone? Explore iPhone X for revolutionary upgraded performance.

1. The missing home key
On the iPhone X, Apple canceled the home button for the first time in the last decade. This also means that, on the surface, the iPhone X has a shocking future-sense bezel-less full screen, and Touch ID was canceled. Equipped with OLED display, it supports Dolby horizon and HDR 10, 2436 x 1125 high resolution, 1 million: 1 extremely high contrast, absolutely the best viewing experience.

2. Face ID
IPhone X includes a structured light emitter, receiver, distance sensor, etc. so that it can identify human eyeballs. It is impossible to unlock with a photo. With advanced 3D detection capabilities, plus use Apple Pay with Face ID, you can also create real-time Animoji with your own expression via Face ID.

3. Professional camera
The rear dual camera of iPhone X with vertical design which is advantageous for creating AR effects (iPhone X, other AR performance like AR games are also very amazing). Dual lenses are a 12 million pixel OIS optical image stabilization camera. You can also use portrait mode and then open the different lighting effects and filters that show professional-level results.

4. Wireless charging
Finally, the wireless charger arrived. Apple has created a shared charging base for iPhone X, Applewatch and AirPod: Airpower.

I can already imagine that those who acquire the iPhone X will hardly put it down for a moment, however, it is still recommended to turn off your cell phone when you sleep to prevent harmful radiation from affecting your health. And many times, once you put your cell phone aside, you can’t help it but it has been very easy to stay up all night checking your phone, or if you forget to activate sleep mode, a message buzzer may ring. I wake you up in the middle of the night So the best option when you sleep is to turn off the phone, let your phone have a good rest too. In this case, a good enough watch is more beneficial for our quality of sleep.

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