These days, too many salespeople spend too much time selling and not closing. These two are completely different arts. Selling requires you to sell features, benefits, and emotional involvement, while closing requires persistence and logic for your client to make sense to make a decision. Upon closing, direct them to take action and exchange money for your product or service. The world is full of salespeople who never commit to the art of closing a deal! Here are my top 10 rules for getting you yes and closing the sale.


1.) Always be seated. Never submit your proposal while standing. You don’t close the sale that way. Sell ​​on your feet near your seat!

2.) Always present in writing. Never talk about your proposal without putting it in writing. Always present with a contract rather than a conversation.

3.) Always communicate your proposal clearly. Do not murmur. Clearly request the order to close the sale. “Sir, if you have no other reservations, please sign here.”

4.) Always make eye contact. Make direct eye contact with your customer, be confident, and determined to win the business now, not later. Practice this frequently so that you can maintain eye contact to close the sale.

5.) Always have a pen available. The seller who does not have the pen and contract ready is not a seller. Never run out of pen and contract so that when the opportunity arises, you don’t miss it.

6.) Use humor to relieve pressure. I’ve never met a closer who didn’t know how to use humor to relieve pressure. I have hundreds of clever little phrases to ease the pressure and close the sale.

7.) Always ask one more time! Most sellers never ask for the closing once, much less the 5-6 times it is necessary.

8.) Always have an array of closures available. You should have closings for every possible position and objection that the buyer may throw at you. It is in human nature to resist a decision. Remember, buyers do not make sales, you do.

9.) Always stay with the buyer. Never leave the buyer if possible. You want compression in the closure so that the buyer cannot walk away from the idea of ​​making a decision. I’ve even traveled home with the client to close the sale!

10.) Always treat the buyer as a buyer. Regardless of the buyer’s financial situation or the reasons you cannot close, always continue to treat the buyer like a buyer regardless of what they tell you.

Follow these top 10 rules to close the sale and master the art of closing. Remember, if you ever need help getting started or just want more ways to close, download my “Close the Sale” app HERE for access to 300 different closings.

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