Tyrann Mathieu will be a hotly contested prospect for various NFL teams. His failed drug tests due to marijuana use ended his playing days at LSU in August 2012. Mathieu’s subsequent arrest in October 2012 for marijuana possession reveals the depth of his problem. The former LSU All-American’s off-field troubles will see his draft stocks decline. He’ll have to be in excellent physical condition in the NFL Scouting Combine and interview surprisingly well to convince a team to spend a third-round pick on him.

As a soccer player, Mathieu could provide an NFL team with a playmaker in high school. The 2011 Bednarik Award winner is too small (5’9 “and 175 pounds) for an NFL cornerback, but he plays big for his size. The” Honey Badger “earned his nickname with his fearless play, competitiveness and Turnover Capability In fact, Mathieu may be a better free safety than the NFL cornerback.

The best part of Mathieu’s game is his strange instincts. The 2011 Heisman Trophy candidate finds the ball and makes plays. He’s like a small version of Troy Polamalu with the way he can tackle stoppage tackles, blitz, fumble, break passes and make interceptions. An NFL team may not make the best use of Mathieu’s ability if they see him strictly as a cornerback. His small size will make him more vulnerable to being dominated by bigger and stronger professional receivers. He doesn’t have a technical textbook as a cornerback.

Mathieu in free safety could use his cool soccer instincts to fly all over the field and be disruptive. His fast and strong hands are adept at dislodging the ball. There have been some free little safeties that were successful in the NFL. Thomas Everett (5 ‘9 “and 185 pounds) and Jim Leonhard (5’ 8” and 185 pounds) are just a couple of examples. Mathieu is an aggressive player who is not shy about coming up and making a tackle. His quick feet and ability to dodge also make him a dangerous kick returner.

It will be interesting to see which team and in which round Tyrann Mathieu will be selected in the 2013 NFL Draft. The youngster clearly has room to mature and has made mistakes. Most NFL teams will see you as a slot cornerback and a kick returner. However, there could be an NFL coach who sees him as a disruptive free safety who becomes a nuisance to opposing offenses.

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