Although we often see many people complaining about elected officials, it seems that only rarely do the electorate take the time and/or make a concerted effort to demand that these people be ready and willing. , and able, consistently, correctly, DIRECT us, on the right course and direction, to make this nation the best it can be, today and in the future. It is not enough for elected representatives to simply do the same old thing, instead of putting their personal/political agenda and/or self-interest before the best interests of the nation. ! With that in mind, this article will briefly try to consider, examine, review and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it is important.

1. deepen; leadership/directives; to find out; argue; deliver: Partisan politics is one of the essential factors/reasons, it seems, that few officials are willing to delve into, with an open mind! We need people who point us in the right direction, having the self-confidence and ability to give us directions, to help us discover the best possibilities! They must be willing to articulate an inspiring message and openly discuss the possibilities and opportunities with all of their constituents, not just their core supporters! Instead of empty promises and rhetoric, you must deliver, for this country!

two. Integrity; imagination; innovate; involve; to invest: Why does there seem to be so little absolute integrity? They must invest in us, having a well-developed imagination and a willingness to innovate as needed! How one engages all Americans and seeks a meeting of the minds, for the greater good, often determines its impact!

3. Relevant; sensitive; responsibility; Correct: Why can’t our reps focus on doing the right thing? Shouldn’t your actions be relevant and responsible, taking personal responsibility, for the possible ramifications?

Four. Empathy; efforts; evaluate; emphasis; excellence/enrich: When leaders do listen and learn, they become able to act with a sufficient degree of genuine empathy, and therefore place their emphasis accordingly! One must constantly evaluate their efforts and demand their highest degree of true excellence, instead of accepting, good enough and same-old, same-old! Only then will your service enrich the constituents and the nation, etc.!

5. Character; concern; coordinator; to consider: Only individuals with the highest quality of personal character will consistently emphasize doing what is right, rather than simply convenient! A careful officer considers the options and possible ramifications in a relevant and sustainable way to consider the wisest course of action!

6. Timely; time tested; truth; trust; together: We need to elect people who try to unite us, instead of proceeding in a contradictory way, and it leads to polarization! To achieve this requires timely and well considered action, using time, knowledge, experience and expertise. To win, build trust, you must tell the truth, even when it is not convenient!

Wake up, America, and elect officials who are ready, willing, and able to DIRECT us, in the best way, forward! Will you be a more responsible vote?

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