What is a ghost?

I don’t always see ghosts, but I feel and feel them, I hear them, and sometimes I even smell them. When we physically die, our souls leave our bodies and most of the time we pass through to the other side. From time to time a soul will choose, for one reason or another, not to go to the other side. You will choose to stay here on earth, becoming an earthbound spirit or ghost. Our souls are made of energy. A ghost can have the appearance of our physical body only transparent like a watercolor. Souls can also appear as a ray of light or a wave of energy, like a mirage of heat. When a soul appears, it may also have clothing similar to what it wore in life. There are many reasons ghosts choose not to go to the other side.

We are in death as we are in life, and ghosts are as varied in their personalities as are the living. The souls that stay behind are a small number compared to those that cross over and move on. The notion that ghosts are harmful and evil is not based on reality. Most ghosts are just unhappy, restless, lost, and harmless. Remember when dealing with ghosts that you are the one with a body, you are the one with power. Treat them kindly and help them on their way.

Why do ghosts walk?

They are afraid to face their creator for the things they did in their life.

They are afraid they will not go to heaven, so they are afraid to cross.

There is someone who has died before them who do not want to see the other side.

They are afraid to let go of their earthly identity.

They don’t know they are dead.

They may have had a sudden or violent death.

Some believe that there is no life after death, so when their soul leaves their body they don’t know where to go.

They feel a strong pull from a loved one on this side, so they are left thinking that they are helping them through the grieving process.

They stay to protect a loved one.

If they die from addiction, they may be left looking for another body to inhabit so they can continue their drug of choice.

They don’t feel worthy to go to the other side.

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