It’s amazing how many men have complained that women don’t return their calls. They get very excited to meet this girl they like at a party or at a bar. They finally get her number and go home over the moon. In fact, some of them already fantasize about her being his girlfriend.

After all that anticipation and excitement, a few days go by (in some cases, the next day), they try to call her and get nothing! The girl does not answer her phone when they call. They try several more times and still no response. They then proceed to leave a voicemail or send a text message. Still no answer! They keep repeating this routine for a week (sometimes even two weeks) and get nowhere. They eventually give up in confusion and despair.

Well guys, there is no reason to be confused. I’m going to tell you why he didn’t return your calls. It’s very simple.

Listed below are the most common reasons a woman won’t call you back:

1. Giving you his number was no big deal: I know some of you may think it’s a big deal that he gave you his number. It really isn’t guys. You have to appreciate that he probably gave his number to four or five other guys that week. Don’t feel so special. Contrary to popular belief, a girl will not give you her number ONLY because she likes you. There are two other common reasons people forget. One of them is to get rid of you. She doesn’t want to give you a fake number in case you try to call her in front of her and complain. Or she wants to show off her ego by rejecting you when you call her. Yes, some girls have fun with it.

two. She wasn’t attracted to you in the first place: Now you know that getting her number is no big deal. So she gave it to you for whatever reason. The key point is that she was not attracted to you when she gave you her number. If she wasn’t attracted to you, then don’t expect to hear from her again (at least not as a potential lover). You don’t measure whether a girl is attracted to you by whether she gives you her number or not. That is a very poor indicator to measure attraction.

3. Something happened that made her change her mind after giving you her number: Actually, this happens quite often. A guy does very well in an interaction with a girl he likes. He manages to get her number and even attract her (maybe even a little). However, after getting her number, something goes wrong in the interaction. Either he does something stupid or he clings to her. I have seen this happen so many times. If you get her number on a high note, GO! Let the anticipation build. The longer you stick around, the weaker that number becomes because all that can happen is that the attraction you created starts to wane. You have to learn to expel when you are ahead.

This article was just a preview. If you want to know how to get a girl to call you back or get a girl to call you for a change, then read below.

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