Facts about door hinges

Wherever you see a door, you will find a hinge. Its basic concept has been taken from the joints found in the knees and elbows of the body. The hinge is a type of bearing that normally connects the two panels of a door, to allow a limited angle of rotation that allows the door to be opened and closed. […]

VLOOKUP – A review of the formula

VLOOKUP is one of the most useful Excel functions. It is also one of the most used formulas by professionals who want to extract data from flat tables. However, VLOOKUP is also abused and sometimes overrated. The formula was designed with one purpose in mind: to look up a value in one column on the left and return the corresponding […]

How to put together an army IRR pack

Package requirements, what to include in your IRR package: 1. IRR Packet Checklist, based on Figure B-59 of USAR Leaflet 600-5. 2. Form DA 4561, Request for Assignment or Attachment of Reserve Component. Completely filled out and signed by the Soldier and the Commander. 3. Your supporting statement/letter and supporting documentation. This is based on the reasons listed in AR […]

The advantages and disadvantages of granite tiles

Granite is used in the construction and rehabilitation of homes. It is a very versatile and strong stone that is being used more frequently in the construction process. Granite is also used more often in kitchens these days. Homeowners fall in love with the fact that granite is hard, has a high density, and a beautiful natural appearance. Granite seems […]

50th birthday gifts

Birthday gifts are perhaps the central or most essential part of any birthday celebration. These gifts are a way to show your emotions, feelings and the love you have for that person. And when it is the 50th birthday of your loved ones, then obviously the 50th birthday gifts have to be something unique and exclusive. The 50th birthday represents […]

World milk price conversion

Milk prices reported in the media can be confusing and misleading information for farmers, the dairy industry and the public. The measurement and reporting basis varies widely within many countries, let alone when currency is taken into account. Usually, the price of milk is reported as value per volume or weight of milk. For example: cents per liter (cpl); dollars […]