quantum magic

Quantum (plural Quanta) is the smallest unit of physical matter known to man. But the laws of Quantum Physics tell us that it is not always about physical matter. Here is the puzzle, which baffles all scientific quantum physicists, that quanta appear physical only when observed by a human being. Otherwise, it remains as an unmanifest energy in the Quantum […]

Business Errors

It’s hard to avoid certain mistakes, especially when you’re facing a situation for the first time. In fact, many of the following mistakes are hard to avoid even if you’re an expert. Of course, these aren’t the only mistakes CEOs make, but they’re pretty common. Take the following self-assessment: Give yourself ten points for each of these business mistakes you’re […]

Soup Facts – Fun Trivia!

Are you a lover of soups and soup recipes? In addition to the great taste and variety that soup has, it also has a wide range of uses in our world stories. Here are some known and little known facts about soup that you might find interesting. I did! o Can you believe that Americans drink over 10 BILLION bowls […]