Narcissistic Spouses: 4 Strategies For Successfully Ditching A Narcissist

Divorce is never a pleasant prospect, but it can often be successfully managed, particularly when both spouses are friendly and reasonable about the event. Unfortunately, there is a segment of our population that suffers from a personality disorder that affects interpersonal relationships in a very negative way. One of the most common, especially in men, is narcissism. In divorce, the […]

Types of OVI Felony in Ohio

Due to Ohio’s punitive stance on OVI crimes, it can be easy to think that all such crimes are felonies with serious consequences. However, this is not true. Although the penalties can still be severe, most OVI offenses are misdemeanors of varying degrees, especially if it is your first or second offense and no bodily harm or other significant harm […]

5 Florida Vacation Spots

Florida has always been considered a top destination for a memorable vacation. Fishing is tremendous on both sides of the state with the Gulf of Mexico to the west and the Atlantic to the east and multiple lakes and streams inland. Some come for the amusement parks or stay for the major sporting events that sweep the near-tropical state. Others […]

How to fix Rundll32 runtime errors and stop the dreaded blue screen of death

Rundll32.exe errors can cause frustrating problems on your computer. When attempting to repair rundll32.exe, keep the following information in mind. These errors can cause computer crashes and blue screens of death. Fortunately, there are ways to fix the problem without having to buy a new system. Why do I have Rundll32 errors? These errors are caused when a program cannot […]

Hydroface Anti-Aging System: Could Hydroface be an alternative to Botox?

Aging is inevitable. With age comes experience, maturity, but also wrinkles and fine lines. You can’t skip aging, but if you want to, you can definitely control the aging of your skin. Every year, people around the world choose anti-aging treatments such as laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, botox or various injections or even more specific means such as cosmetic […]

The most common cause of divorce

With life becoming more complex, the increase in the divorce rate is not something new to our society. You must have read countless articles on the different causes of divorce, but have you ever wondered what is the most frequent cause of divorce? Good! We thought about it and therefore we ran an online survey that highlights some of the […]

¿What is the evil eye?

The evil eye has been around since the beginning of time. It simply means sending someone a thought that seems intrusive or invasive or has the power to hurt them. The resulting misfortune is considered to have been caused by envy. The evil eye is not necessarily considered intentional or associated with witchcraft or wizardry. Oddly enough, this way of […]