If you’re good at science and want good money, consider a patent law degree

What is Patent Law – Intellectual Property Law? There are four main types of intellectual property: patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. Tea patent The system exists in most industrialized countries and is designed to reward inventors and authors. Patents are granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), where patents are carefully examined and protection is granted […]

A modern case of past life regression

Past Life Regression (PLR) can be both an experimental technique and a form of therapy, but it has scientific credibility only if reincarnation itself is scientifically proven to exist. The existence of reincarnation is not yet a scientific truth. Recent studies indicate that reincarnation deserves to be recognized as a scientific hypothesis because it can be falsified or confirmed through […]

Pet Names for Dogs – Part 2

Thinking of bringing luck to an organization, we use a mascot. It is any person, object or animal that represents the organization to bring luck. A dog is a popular option. Here are pet names with meaning and history. This is a continuation of part 1. In this article, we will cover the following pet dog names. The pet’s dog […]

Common Immigration Myths!

Just like any other concept, immigration also has its set of myths and misconceptions. The most common of these myths is that immigrants arriving in a nation tend to increase competition in the local job market. This leads to a shortage of jobs for local residents. On the contrary, many research studies have shown that there has been increased productivity […]

Learn about the features and image quality of the Sony Cybershot DSC W320 digital camera

The Sony Cybershot range of digital cameras have been praised for their ease of use and affordability. A line of professional-quality entry-level cameras, the Cybershot series has marked Sony’s authority in the world of digital cameras. Sony is a tried and tested brand and its products are known for their quality. When you buy from them, you can expect a […]

Reading Body Language Accurately: How to Read the Elusive Obvious

Consider this: we all read body language reasonably well. It is programmed and is consistent with the evolution of the human species. It is nothing less than a survival mechanism. The accuracy of the information interpreted will depend on the person in question, but it is fair to say that we have an almost instinctive built-in ability to read, review, […]