How To Write The Best Resume To Sell You In The KPO Industry

Employers around the world are inundated with hundreds of resumes from a pool of talented people. In such circumstances, it really becomes impossible for an employer to examine each and every resume that he receives. When it comes to the KPO industry, it becomes more important for you to base your CV only on the salable traits of yours that […]

Driving in the Rain in Florida: Don’t Panic

Rain is only part of life in South Florida. If it weren’t for the volume of precipitation we receive, this area would not be as lush and beautiful as it is, and it would not attract the thousands of transplanted residents and tourists that it does. Unfortunately, it seems to create panic in many of our drivers. We have all […]

See the rules for playing bumper pool

Bumper pool is a unique version of the billiards game. It is played with the help of pool sticks like those used in pool table games. However, this is where the similarities end. In this game you must shoot directly into the hole instead of shooting a ball to hit another in the hole. You could even play defense by […]

Aristotelian cosmology: celestial bodies and terrestrial bodies

Aristotle conceived a distinction between the constitution of bodies in the heavenly and earthly realms, an idea that is repeated in St. Paul’s distinction between heavenly, heavenly, or “spiritual” bodies and earthly “physical” bodies: “Not all bodies are the same … there are celestial bodies and there are terrestrial bodies. The glory of the celestial is one. The glory of […]

What is the fair value of an education these days?

It seems these days we are seeing government regulators crack down on Wall Street with the new Financial Reform Act, and their theory is that they will now have the power to enforce regulations and prevent another global economic collapse or disintegration of the US economy us in a near depression rather than our “shallow” business cycle recessions. Is that […]

Are you experiencing tax-induced anxiety?

In my line of business, January is the time of year when phones start ringing non-stop and concerned callers ask “What can I deduct on my tax return this year?” or “Will the new tax law affect my taxes this year?” or “My deduction statements have not arrived yet, what do I do?” These questions are answered in each year’s […]

How To Stop Drinking – Stay Away From Bars!

For many years I was in an occupation that forced me to go into bars. My clients or prospects often suggested meeting for a drink to discuss the details of whatever deal we were working on. When I stopped drinking, this was a big problem for me. I had been taught to stay away from bars. After all … that’s […]

How to become a self-taught photographer?

You can search many photography web pages, professional photographer sites, galleries, etc., but you will not find the exact information on how to become a great photographer all at once. It is clear: to seriously pursue a photographic profession requires a lot of desire, patience and knowledge. In short, you must work hard to achieve this goal: the goal of […]