personal injury lawyers

If you are in an accident as a result of the negligence of another person, entity, or business, you need a personal injury lawyer to represent you and process your claim. The injury attorney must be equipped with knowledge, skills, and experience in the area of ​​tort law. This law includes economic and non-economic damages to the property, rights and […]

Your Intellectual Property and Copyright Protection Lawyer

Intellectual property (or IP) is an area of ​​law that is constantly changing and can be quite complicated. IP rights can generally be assigned to one of 4 main categories. One of the main recognizable fields is Copyright. What is copyright, how do you know if your work can be protected by it, and how do you get copyright? An […]

11 resume formats to choose from

People keep asking me if there are options around creating and writing resumes. Here are the various types that I have designed over the time period. The different types of resumes can be classified into the following supports: 1. Chronological summary 2. Functional summary 3. Summary of combination 4. Targeted resume 5. Brief Summary 6. Resume with profile 7. Summary […]

The history of HMO plans

Introduction: Health Maintenance Organization Plans (HMO Plans for short) are a type of managed care program. The idea behind managed care programs is that maintaining good health will be achieved by preventing disease and providing quality care. By maintaining good health, it is believed that rising health care costs can be controlled. When HMO plans were first introduced, members paid […]

5 reasons to hire the services of a good lawyer

Although you don’t need a lawyer for every type of legal matter, you do need one to deal with legal disputes. After all, you don’t want to risk dealing with important matters without consulting a good lawyer. A good professional is expensive, but they can help you deal with a difficult situation, such as a DUI violation, job loss, or […]

Go Green with Nigeria at 50

Nigeria is among the countries in the world where the color green plays a very important role. From the simple landscape to the exotic and wasted resources of the great nation, the color green is not lacking. The Nigerian flag is a rectangular strip that is divided into three equal parts. The main colors are in green. This represents the […]