Can Constructive Dismissal Occur Due To Changes In Working Hours?

Constructive Dismissal In the workplace, constructive dismissal occurs when an employee feels so uncomfortable or frustrated with their job that they feel compelled to leave. This can have serious consequences on the employee and their family. For example, it can leave a mark on their employment record that hiring managers will question when reviewing future job applications. It can also […]

What Role Do Workplace Policies Play in Constructive Dismissal Cases?

Workplace Policies Play in Constructive Dismissal Cases For an employee to resign and claim constructive dismissal, they must have suffered a fundamental breach of their employment contract that makes their work environment intolerable. This could be a direct act by the employer or a series of events that culminate into what they feel is a final straw. For a complaint […]

How Do You Calculate Severance Pay?

Calculate Severance Pay A company can offer severance pay when an employee is laid off, terminated, or dismissed. Severance pay is intended to help the former employee transition into life after work, and it can be a lump sum or a series of payments. The amount of severance pay depends on a number of factors, including the length of the […]

Grace Taiga, Nigerian accomplice in pretrial detention

Judge OA Adeniyi of the Federal Capital Territory High Court, sitting in Apo, Abuja, on Friday, September 20, 2019, ordered the remand in custody of Ms. Grace Taiga, a female complicit in the multiple fraud involving P&ID at Suleja prison. Wilson Uwujaren, head of media and publicity for the anti-corruption agency, says she is being prosecuted by the Economic and […]

Engineering Career Options

An engineer is the smartest form of human being. It is not just a statement. Tell a detailed story. A doctor risks one life at a time. A lawyer risks a case in one try. A chef risks one meal at a time. But being an engineer, one has a great responsibility, as a collapsed bridge can take thousands of […]

Business Writing Tip: Question and Answer Format

Traditionally, business writing uses the “one thing after another” format, which generally means a simple recitation of the facts, circumstances, or whatever else needs to be said. But we have other options, and some of them may provide more or better answers. Consider the question and answer format, for example: Question: What is the question and answer format? Answer: It […]

Tips on how to pass an essay for a standardized test

For most undergraduate programs at US universities, high school students will be required to take a standard test such as the SAT or ACT. This exam will most likely include a timed essay; it rarely takes more than thirty minutes. Consider these tips for writing a passing essay for your next standardized entrance exam. Do some practice trials. All the […]

Tips when buying concert tickets

For many people, listening to music is a way to relieve stress and relax. When you listen to your favorite music, you will naturally feel more alive, even if you are driving your car, cleaning the house, or even inside the mall. Surely you can listen to music anywhere. You can buy and download songs and upload them to the […]

How to Become a Professional Teacher (AKA Teacher’s Guide)

A professional teacher is a tutor or teacher who imparts knowledge to students. Since education is the foundation of national development, we need a professional teacher to teach and pass on this knowledge to students and the future generation in all fields of human endeavor. To become a professional teacher, you must have gone through teacher training colleges, polytechnics, universities […]